Carol of the beads

Last year, I put together a very simple Christmas bracelet using one bead in each of the classic colours. The simplicity was mostly due to the fact that I didn’t have more beads in those colours, but once I put the combination together I was actually quite happy with it and didn’t feel a need to take it any further anyway.

I had also picked up one bead from the 2012 Christmas Decoration kit, but didn’t have anything to match it, so it sat unworn over the holidays. In January, I purchased a second bead from the kit, but despite my best efforts I still couldn’t put anything together that was really satisfying. The two of them sat mostly unused until August when a bit of bead play with my daughter finally produced a combo I liked that included one of them along with a unique that I had picked up to go with them, but that I had never felt really worked well before. That mini bracelet sat waiting for two more months until I was able to build a combination that worked using the second bead from the kit and then I hit a wall for another month until one day the rest of the beads magically fell into place and the bracelet was complete!

What surprised me most about the final combination was that the majority of the beads had been sitting in my bead box since the start of the year, but all my attempts over the months to put together something pleasing had come up empty. And now I don’t want to take it off. I kind of wonder if I love it so much partly because it took so long to get it just right!

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