2016 A to Z challenge: topic reveal

Two months ago, I made a resolution to complete the 2016 A to Z Challenge. I meant to participate in the challenge last year, but time got away from me and, with only a few days to go before the challenge started, I wasn’t sure that I could think of topics for all of the letters. I didn’t want to get halfway through and stop, so I didn’t even start.

This time, I put together my list of topics early (in January!), so that I didn’t have to worry about not having a letter covered. On April 1, I’ll start posting six days a week (Monday to Saturday) to cover each letter of the alphabet through the month of April.

Six. Day. A. Week. That’s quite the increase over my current pace of two to three posts a month. It’ll be fun though, right? I hope so.

The topic that I wanted to do the A to Z challenge on last year, and that I’m finally getting around to doing this year, is my journey making silver beads using metal clay. I started almost two years ago, and, while I’ve shared almost all of my creations (one went to the recipient before I photographed it), I haven’t shared all of the process. So, I’ll be sharing the basics of what it is, some of the tools that I use, and a few of the tips that I’ve learned along the way.

Hope to see you here April 1!

For regular readers, did you guess what my topic for AtoZ was going to be? Is there anything that you hope to see me cover in my posts (I make no promises that I can fit it in, but I’ll try)?



      1. Originally I thought I’d decide by Theme Reveal day… and made a start, but then BUS stuff started taking over, so left it…

        I really don’t think I have time, but haven’t deleted any templates yet… so I think it will be up to the wire whether I do or don’t!

        Mars xx

    1. Thanks! I knew nothing about it two years ago, but it has been fun to learn along the way. And once you get into it, it’s pretty fun. Can’t say I’m never frustrated, but it is more fun than not :)

    1. Thanks! I figured that no-one has complained so far about the little bits I have shared about the process, so I might as well go all out! :D

      Really, I love seeing the behind-the-scenes tips and tricks for things, so I figured that there might be a few other people like me out there. Glad to see that I should have at least a few people following along :)

  1. That’s quite a unique and intriguing theme! It’s always interesting to know the process and thoughts behind the work of an artiste.

    (Please consider removing the Capcha and upping the font size of your comment box for people with ghastly eyesight like me. Just a suggestion, please don’t mind!)

    Have a great A-Z


    1. I hope that I manage to explain the process well enough – and that if people still have questions, they feel comfortable asking them! Although, I suspect that in some cases I’ll have to hold back a bit because I have things spread out over all of the letters ;)

      And thanks for the feedback about the comment box font – to be honest, I hadn’t noticed how small it was since I use the admin panel for comments. It *is* tiny! I see some CSS tweaking in my future :D And yes, I was planning on disabling the Captcha for April. I usually get far too much spam without it, but I know it slows people down. :/

    1. If the sun would come out I could get better pictures, but hopefully I can still capture enough to give people an idea of the process. :) Thanks for following along!

  2. Cool theme Tracy, I’ve just recently even heard of metal clay so I’m excited to learn more about it! :-D

    1. Thank you for the encouragement :) Mars is a great cheerleader for the A to Z challenge. It was through her that I found out about it, so I hope that she decides to participate this year again after all! But, I know that it’s quite the commitment and not something to take lightly :D

      1. Yep I shall be joining you both, consider yourself one of the reasons for me doing so :)

        I’ve decided that it’s okay not to have amazing posts and that if I can finish, and do a few gems, and keep up it will all be amazing on my time limits this year – I really love the discovering new things and chatting during the A to Z so decided I couldn’t not do it in the end…

        Mars xx
        Curling Stones for Lego People

        1. Woohoo! And you always have interesting posts, so I’m really glad that you are joining in this year too!

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