You can never have too much luck

A few weeks ago, I lamented my issues trying to get the Ohm Lucky Moves bead. I had resigned myself to not getting it, then Ohm Australia launched with Lucky Moves in stock, piquing my interest again. But, I soon discovered that the price with the exchange rate was even higher from them than from the U.S. dealers. A few days after that, I hyperextended my right thumb, spent a day not being able to do anything without pain and several more carefully choosing my actions (did I mention that I’m right-handed?), and, in an effort to cheer myself up, ended up ordering Lucky Moves and Loosen Up from Ohm Australia. Although each bead was more expensive, I still ended up ahead because I got a free plain bangle in the deal!

I’ve wanted the Ohm bangle for close to two years. I wasn’t sure if I needed a small or a medium and, since I don’t have a local Ohm dealer to try it on, it sat on my wishlist. When I saw that Ohm Australia was doing a free bangle promotion for their launch, I originally still didn’t think I’d go for it. But, when I had nothing to do but think for a day, my brain started to add it all up and realized that buying the two beads at a slightly higher price was still less than what I would have paid to buy the two beads plus the bangle at the regular price.

Loosen Up is a more recent addition to the wishlist. Much as I use the Trollbeads Stay Positive bead to remind me not to worry so much, I wanted Loosen Up to remind me not to be so rigid sometimes. As for Lucky Moves, I believe that you make your own luck! But, I also believe that you shouldn’t turn down lucky opportunities should they show up ;)

By the time this package arrived, I really felt like I needed some luck. Less than a week after injuring my thumb, I ended up spending four days on our couch with a herniated disc, and then several more shuffling around my house. Not fun. So, I decided to make a bit of a “back luck” bracelet to counter my “bad luck” and help put me in a better mood about the whole thing.


I grabbed This Too as a reminder that my back issues will (eventually) go away, and Love Cage since it has the spine detailing on the back. Then I started looking for glass beads to add. I tried a few cheerful colours, then spotted my ambers and remembered that baltic amber is said to be a natural pain reliever. I’m pretty sure that they won’t really be effective, but at this point I won’t rule out much! I tried my small Trollbeads amber, but couldn’t get it past the lip of the clasp, so I swapped in my citrine since it has the same cheerful feeling.

Out of curiosity, I tried a few more of my Trollbeads glass beads and silvers on the Ohm bangle and only the silvers fit. I had heard conflicting reports about whether Trollbeads fit on the Ohm bangle, so I was prepared for this, but it would have been nice if everything fit. Either way, I still have my Trollbeads bangles so it’s not a big deal.


For others who don’t have an Ohm dealer, I took a picture of my XS Trollbeads bangle with the Small Ohm bangle. You can see how close they are in size. Even the thickness is pretty close (the Trollbeads bangle is on the top) so it’s really only the small lip by the clasp that stops my Trollbeads from sliding on.

Do you believe in luck, either good or bad?


  1. Lovely bangle, Tracy. I hope your back and thumb are feeling better! That was definitely a bit of bad luck you had!

    1. Thanks Martha :) For a while it definitely felt like I couldn’t catch any good luck! But, both my thumb and back are getting better every day *knockonwood* so I’m focusing on the positives.

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