HOhm is where the heart is

It seems like almost every bead company immediately jumps to hearts and flowers for Valentine’s Day releases (and Mother’s Day, too, but that’s another post) and I always feel a little jaded. I want to be excited about special beads! But if you give me flowers and hearts … I probably won’t be (although I guess I also said that about faceted beads, too). I like flowers, but I don’t really do flower beads. And while hearts match the occasion, heart beads just don’t appeal to me.

Except for Ohm hearts.

There’s something about the Ohm hearts that makes me forget that I don’t do hearts. True, they rarely fall under what most people would consider traditional heart designs, but since they are hearts, I decided to embrace them this Valentine’s Day!

I have three of the Ohm heart designs: Love Cage, Rotten Heart, and Love Hurts, so I started with those. I was stuck for an idea of what colours to pair with them until I spotted this picture that my daughter drew and taped onto the wall weeks ago. Perfect.

I had to fudge the indigo/violet a bit with my Faceted Aurora (and I skipped the pink that my kids always seem to add into rainbows :D) but I’m happy with how the bracelet overall turned out. And since it was partly inspired by one of my kids, it has an extra-special meaning this year.

I sometimes wish that I had picked up Heart of Stone, but I think it came out when I had too many other things on the go. Perhaps one day I’ll pick it up on the secondary market.


  1. Beautiful! I haven’t collected any Ohm hearts as of yet, but I do adore the Love Cage. I prefer more traditional hearts in moderation but appreciate the interesting designs Ohm comes up with to keep the bead world on their collective toes (pun intended ;). Happy Valentine’s Day

    1. I do have one other bead that has a prominent heart on it (Carrying a child under your heart from from Faerybeads) but I got that one more for the child depicted and the sentiment behind it and not really for the heart :) I guess most of these I’ve gotten more for the sentiment behind them than for the fact that they were heart beads (except for rotten heart – I got that for my zombie bracelet :D) But I really like the representation behind love hurts, about how we give away parts of our hearts and receive parts of other people’s hearts.

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