Super Bowl LII

In an unexpected twist of fate this year, we aren’t able to join our friends for our annual Super Bowl party. But, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t create a Super Bowl combination!

I had really hoped that the Minnesota Vikings would win the NFC Championship game; alas, it was the Philadelphia Eagles who won. Not that I have anything against the Eagles, it just would have been really fun to put together a viking-themed bracelet! Plus, between my Falcons bracelet last year and my Seahawks bracelet two years before that, I felt a little birded out.

Of course, my first stop was the team colours. The main colour in the Eagles uniform is a darker green called midnight green, with black and white as accent colours. I know that the Green Hematite isn’t a perfect match for their green, but I’m actually pretty happy with how close it feels. While deciding which black bead to add, I spotted my Black Silk, which matched the sheen of the Green Hematite nicely. Finally, and keeping with my “sheeny” bracelet, I added white with a small pearl that I drilled on Friday night!

One bead that I didn’t expect to be putting on here was my Pug! While flipping through photos to get a closer look at the Eagle uniforms, I kept seeing an image of a player with a pug mask on. With a bit more digging, it seems that the Eagles were considered the “underdog” for the Divisional round playoffs, so their fans wore dog masks for the game. And the Eagles won. The fans repeated it during the Championship game and the Eagles won again (and put on masks of their own). Of course, you can’t break with “tradition,” so the dog masks are expected to be out in full force for Sunday’s game. I don’t have a dog mask (and would feel a bit weird sitting in my living room with a mask on, anyway :D) but I’m happy to do my bit by adding the pug bead to my combination.

I’m pretty happy with my (small) tribute to my Super Bowl pick. And not a bird in sight!

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