Comfy and cozy

In October I joined a Secret Santa swap (I bought one of the lovely Faceted Aurora beads for my swappee). The theme of the swap was Hygge, which, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a Danish word that doesn’t have a direct translation, but is more about a feeling of something akin to coziness, comfort, and well-being.

Aside from including a bead, a traditional part of the swap is to add a few other items that match the theme. To capture coziness and comfort, I added a few packages of hot chocolate mix, several sachets of tea, a box of chocolates, and a small package of biscuits to cover off the idea of comfort food. My final addition was an infinity scarf.

As a Canadian, I’m well-versed in the idea of scarves to keep you warm in the winter, but I’m somewhat of a recent convert to the idea of scarves to accessorize an outfit. Now that I’ve seen the light, I’m particularly partial to infinity scarves – they can add a touch of warmth to a lighter outfit, a splash of colour to a monochrome outfit, and can also take a casual outfit up a notch. I chose this particular fabric both for its lightweight warmth and because it had a certain subtle luxury without being over the top (I couldn’t capture it in any of my photos, but the fabric has strands of gold thread running through it). I figured that the neutral colours would also give the recipient more options for wearing it.

And, conveniently, there was enough fabric to make two scarves!

While I’m not sure how (or if) my swappee wears the scarf that I made for her, I certainly wear its twin often and recently made a bracelet combination to pair with it. Originally I had the Goldstone, orange and glitter striped unique, Yellow Hematite, and a few other glass beads, but it didn’t quite hit the mark. By paring back the glass and adding the two silvers, it captures the scarf more accurately. The little looped Neverending silver feels particularly apt given that I pair it with the infinity scarf!

The only bad thing: since I wear the scarf so often and usually wear this combination with the scarf, my copper bangle has been tied up for the last few months. Of course, with the price of the copper bangle coming down recently, perhaps this is the time to get a second one – or try out the twisted version!

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