Olive it!

One of my first Trollbeads purchases was an Organic Bubbles. The rich, deep green and the perception of movement within it drew me in completely. It also lead to a search for other greens in a similar olive tone, which in turn lead to my “Woodland” bracelet. The bracelet itself has gone through many iterations, but the rich green base has always been present. Some of the original beads went onto other bracelets as this one evolved and they no longer quite fit in. At one point I tried to thin out the browns in the bracelet and the two python/budded beads (mustard yellow and green/brown) moved off. Then, to my surprise, it was too green, and I reintroduced some browns, albeit slightly softer ones.

Some of the beads that I bought didn’t quite work out and were never added to this one. The army green braid was bought with this bracelet in mind, but it has a slight blue tint to it that wasn’t apparent in the original photo I saw it in, which ruled it out since many of the other beads have more of a yellow tint to them. The greens on this bracelet have also been in demand in other combinations, so as I’ve taken it apart and reassembled it I’ve slowly tweaked it, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

I think it’s “done” now, but I’ve learned to “never say never” when putting a combination together.

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