Trollbeads leather bracelet

With the wide range of unique glass and quirky silver beads, the item that pushed me over the edge to get my first Trollbeads bracelet wasn’t a bead, but the Trollbeads leather bracelet. The double-strand, double-wrap aesthetic grabbed me the first time I saw it and I wasn’t disappointed when I finally had my own. I went with the “basic black”, figuring that it would allow for more combinations, but once I get beads on it they tend to stay there for quite a while. I also wear it fairly sparsely filled, usually two beads per strand so that I end up with one bead per strand when it’s on my wrist.

My Baby Dragon prefers to hang out on it alone. I had admired him for a while, but since I knew I wouldn’t wear him on a regular bracelet and I didn’t think I’d ever buy a fantasy necklace, he was pretty low on my list until the day that someone said he fit on a leather! Shortly thereafter, he was mine. Sadly, when he arrived I couldn’t get him on the leather so I made my own version of a fantasy necklace and wore him like that for many months until I finally got determined again and figured out how to thread him onto the leather.

For the sake of anyone else who is also stumped about how to get him on, my final attempt had one strand threaded side to side as usual, and one strand threaded through the side and then out the bottom. I experimented with ending the second strand out the back or out the bottom but didn’t think he sat as well on my wrist.

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