X by Trollbeads

When I first heard the concept for X by Trollbeads, I was quite sure that I wouldn’t like it. The small set of images that were leaked prior to the launch weren’t enticing, and after burning through Pandora, starting on Trollbeads, and then also picking up on some of the fantastic artisans that create beads for both Pandora and Trollbeads, I wasn’t keen to start on another bracelet concept that couldn’t be used with my existing bead collection.

When the line finally launched on September 18 and the full set of images was released, I had a slight change of heart. Although most of the links were either too cutesy for me or just not things I would identify with, I was pleasantly surprised by several of them. The next day I drove to check out the line in person and although I didn’t come home with any links that day (a decision I ultimately regretted on the drive home), the visit did fan the spark of interest I had into a bit of a small flame.

Based on the launch images, I originally envisioned starting with a mostly black bracelet highlighted by the silver Lucky Spider link, as if it was sitting on a web. Once I saw the spider link, it seemed a bit small in person so I spent the next few days pouring over what images existed on the web to try and figure out a combination that would work for me. I also wanted to build my bracelet over time, rather than diving in headfirst as I had done with Pandora and Trollbeads. I finally settled on the Lovers Bond link and figured that I could wear it on a silk wrap as I slowly picked up more links.

Almost three months later, my X by Trollbeads bracelet has grown even more slowly than I had planned. I did pick up the Lovers Bond link about a week after the launch, but since then I’ve only added six black links, which means it still isn’t long enough to wear by itself, of course! I have tried the Lovers Bond link on the silk wrap a few times, but to get the link to lie flat I have to tie the silk fairly tightly and it gets uncomfortable. I’m hoping that maybe a few more links make it under the Christmas tree this year ;)

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