Go … team!

Although our TV isn’t often tuned to sporting events (the Olympics and golf are usually the only exceptions, with a few other rare sightings of snowboarding if/when we can find it) we do faithfully get together with friends every year to watch the Super Bowl and feast on munchies. Since we don’t watch football any other time, the criteria with which we choose the team that we are cheering for varies year to year, and occasionally a team is chosen just by virtue of which of our friends is cheering for the other team (so that we can have some friendly banter ;))

Although the Super Bowl is only a few days away, I still haven’t figured out if I will cheer for Denver or Seattle so, since I’m trying to challenge myself more when creating bracelets, I decided that I would try and do a bracelet for each team so that I would be ready once I do decide. 

First up was figuring out the colours, of course. A quick Google search revealed Denver’s colours as navy, orange, and white and Seattle’s as navy, green, and grey. The search also highlighted a very important gap in my bead box: I have no navy beads! I almost gave up on my challenge, then figured that it was the effort that counted and corralled my Labradorite (with a blue flash at least) and my blue-ish grey beads as stand-ins. Since I didn’t have navy beads and even my greys are small in number, I couldn’t put together a full bracelet but, once again trying to break out of a rut, I decided to forgo my usual three glass/two silver alternative and do a half-full bracelet on my bangle. Once I had pulled the beads, it was rather easy to decide the order. The Labradorite and Snowflake Obsidian made an appearance on both bracelets, and I also decided to use the same silvers on each for consistency.

I can’t quite figure out which one I like better (although I had no intention of using the bracelets to make my decision about who to cheer for anyway!). The Seattle one is closer to my colour palette but I do enjoy the pop of colour on the Denver one. If my indecision on who to cheer for holds, perhaps I’ll just combine the two half bracelets into one bracelet so that I can turn the appropriate side out depending on who is winning at the time ;)

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