I was a bit knotty

Well, I honestly didn’t expect to fulfill the first of my resolutions quite so soon, but here it is, the Viking Knot from the anniversary bracelet. I’m probably the only person who can manage to stab themselves in the stomach with a knife while trying to open a package, but I guess that just shows how excited I was about the contents! It was only a minor wound anyway.

It seemed fitting to pair one dream bead with another, so the first match up was with my German Clover. I had already been wearing the German Clover with the Blue Desert and Cozy and really liked the soft, somewhat muted colours, so I decided to keep that going and simply added the Viking Knot and the lightly striped artisan to complete the combination.  I love it when a bracelet comes together in a matter of minutes!

I also wanted to try the Viking Knot with other beads but with its simple design, many of my beads seemed a bit busy for it and I really wanted to find something that would let it shine. I had a feeling that ambers wouldn’t disappoint and I was right! They had the neutral look that I was going for and are a nice, warm alternative to the cool, soft colours of my first combination. The German Clover didn’t seem quite at home in the ambers so I swapped it out for the Jugend to match the geometric shape of the Viking Knot. I can definitely see myself going back to this combination at some point in the future.

Next up was a unique python bead that I’ve loved since I got it, but that doesn’t get much wear since I’ve only recently gotten beads that compliment it. I was a bit afraid that the pattern in the python might overshadow the Viking Knot, but I think because the Dew Drops and Coracao De Negro beads are simpler beads the combination works. This time the Jugend didn’t seem quite right so the Rolling Troll got another chance in the limelight.

For my fourth, and what turned out to be final, combination I wanted to try the Viking Knot with some of my stones. The Labradorite and Snowflake Obsidian seemed like the obvious choices since I thought that their darker tones would balance the lighter silver nicely and neither has an overly busy pattern on it.

All in all, I’m beyond thrilled with how versatile it has been already! I’d say it was worth the wait, but I didn’t exactly wait very long for it :D

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