The evolution of my X bracelet

My original intention for my X by Trollbeads bracelet was to have a mostly black bracelet with a few silver links sprinkled throughout. I really liked the contrast of the two colours and textures, and the simplicity of that combination really appealed to me. But, as more pictures came out, I was seeing more and more all-metal bracelets.

And I really liked them.

Slowly the image of my bracelet that I had in my head started to morph and I started to expand the list of silver links that I was interested in (and wish that they made decorative links in bronze!). I figured an all-metal bracelet was pretty far out of my reach (or at least pretty far down the line), which didn’t stop me from wanting one but perhaps contributed to how long it took me to finally finish my X bracelet. I didn’t want to buy the black links, only to discard them each time I swapped in a silver or bronze link.

And now, with a few recent sales, I’ve somehow managed to get within two links of my all-metal bracelet. I acquired a single bronze and double bronze link in the last few months, the Flow link joined just a scant few weeks ago, I managed to pick up three more single bronze links from another Trollie who decided that the X by Trollbeads line just wasn’t for her, and with the closure of my favourite LD, the XOXO and Love Bug links have just been added this week, leaving me only one double link spot and one single link spot to swap out.

And the black links … well, I have plans for those too. ;)

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