Ohm my!

I have a few Ohm Beads on my wish list, but I don’t have a local store to check them out so I was still on the fence, a bit wary of ordering online and being disappointed by colours or size. When they announced that this month’s bead was the Bacon bead, I was finally tipped off the fence! There was just something about the quirky nature of it that really appealed to me.

The Bacon bead that they sent was perfect. I had requested one that was more on the red side, and whether it was luck or a well-picked bead, it was actually better than I had imagined it would be! The colour stripes are fairly consistent around and the colour is more of the red than the orange shown on some stock photos. I wasn’t initially sure how I would pair it up, but it didn’t take me long to discover that it matched an artisan already in my bead box. To balance out the two more colourful beads, I chose a redbalifrog White Coral, which added texture without making the colour combination too overbearing. I also tried swapping in my Trollbeads White Paper Fold and the Ohm Beads Cold Milk, but ultimately felt that the matte finish of the White Coral worked best. And since I’m still experimenting with asymmetrical combinations, I went with the simple sophistication of the Trollbeads Angles Tip for the silver accent.

This is one of those combinations that really makes me smile! :) The bright and cheerful colours are perfect for Summer, and it gives me some level of private amusement that I’m wearing “bacon” on my wrist ;)

P.S. If you don’t follow Ohm Beads on Twitter/Facebook/Google+/Instagram, you probably should. They are very funny people!


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