I may need an intervention

For a person who has a quasi-rule about not collecting multiples of beads, I seem to turn a blind eye when I come across an interesting Blue Desert!

And I suspect that I might not even be done with the five that I have. If I know that I’ll be visiting a Trollbeads dealer, I take my deserts with me so that I can compare any that catch my eye against the ones that I already have. In combinations that people post in forums and groups, they’re usually the first bead that draws my attention. I browse dealer pages that show individual pictures of production beads to see if they have any interesting variations. Clearly I have a bit of a hang-up about this bead.

Previously, I never wore my Blue Deserts together, but now that I’ve amassed a few more, I can see it being a possibility. Each is unique, but also compliments the others. I’d love to mix in a few similar beads like Magical Lamp, or maybe even Brown Desert, but I think it will be a harder to find different variations of those and I’m not sure if the reddish tones in the latter would mesh well with the Blue Deserts. I know that the Pink Desert beads also tend to have some variation to them, but I think I’d have to find one that deviated quite a bit from the norm before it would appeal to me (I’m not really a pink girl ;)).

What beads do you think go well with Blue Deserts? Do you have a bead that you can’t seem to get enough of?

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