Today’s post is brought to you by the letter Ash

I already have the Pandora Alpha A and Alpha E beads to represent my kids, but I’ve been hesitant to recreate that with the Trollbeads letter beads. While the Trollbeads letter beads are quite lovely, the idea of duplicating something that I already have didn’t excite me as much as the idea of all the other lovely beads out there that I don’t have.

Recently, thanks to a very lovely Trollfairy, I was able to put a unique spin on the idea, rather than recreating it outright. In case it’s a bit hard to decipher, it’s the Letter Bead, Æ – a perfect melding of the two initials! Paired with the silver Smiley bead and highlighted by the soft, white glass beads, this has become my go-to bangle for the last few weeks since the bangle is nice and light in the heat and the whites are perfect for bright Summer days. I’ve always used white as an accent, so it felt a bit odd to leave out any other colours, but I think it works perfectly in this case, letting the silvers become the focus instead of the glass.

Have you found an interesting way to put your own spin on a bead?


  1. Thanks both of you :)

    I’ve always admired other peoples’ all-white bracelets, but never felt inspired to create one of my own. We’ll see whether the mini combo prompts me to attempt a full combo at some point :D

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