Hoping for sixty years more

Six years ago, I was reciting my wedding vows. I wasn’t collecting beads at the time, but I started thinking today about what I would have worn if I had been. I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have worn a full bracelet, so my first stop in my bead box was to grab one of my bangles. The silvers were next and were easy to choose: Jugend to match the curlicue pattern of the embroidery on my dress, German Clover for luck, and Lotsa Love for the obvious reason! I quickly picked out the red and white unique to represent the red embroidery, then grabbed my white glass beads. With the Viking Knot to even out the silvers so that the red bead could serve as the focal bead, I was ready to start playing!

Ultimately, I narrowed down my whites to just two so that the bangle wouldn’t be too heavy. I wouldn’t usually double up the silvers on each side – instead I’d put a glass bead between them – but I really like this arrangement. And now I have something to wear for our anniversary dinner tonight :)


  1. Thanks :)

    I really loved my dress – I wish I could have found other reasons to wear it again, but that’s a bit tough given its purpose ;D But perhaps this allows it to live on a bit.

  2. I’d been tempted to take it to a good seamstress… add wide straps to top, get skirt cut to 1950’s rockabilly hemlength, netted underskirt and new life – cut little bolero jacket or shrug or (faux) fur and away you go – party dress!

    Mars xx

  3. It would probably make a good party dress! :D

    I do hate to have it sitting in our closet. By the time our kids are old enough to get married, I suspect they would want a different style.

    I suspect that the problem is that I think of it as a “wedding dress”. If I thought of it as a party dress that I just happen to have worn to our wedding, maybe I would wear it every once in a while. Maybe even a Christmas party if our companies ever hosted one again. But as a wedding dress, it gets put on some kind of odd pedestal.

    I suspect that it also doesn’t fit me quite the same now that I’ve had two kids. ;)

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