One month in, and already cheating (sort of )

I’m not really cheating on my strategy to allow for planned and unplanned beads, but it does feel a bit like it!

The Scarlet Armadillo in the background? I went into one of my LDs last week just to see the new Fall release (specifically the Squirrel) and walked out with the armadillo. No guilt, though. I happily chalked it up as one of my spontaneous beads and I had a pretty good idea where I would use it. I felt a little reluctant leaving the Squirrel behind when I really did want it, but I had already ordered my planned bead for the month and was determined to stick to my plan. I planned only one bead this month since I wasn’t sure how well the planned/unplanned strategy would go and figured the Squirrel had just been released anyway. Only after I walked out did I realize that I hadn’t paid full price for the armadillo. Looking at my receipt, I discovered that my LD was having a 25% off sale!

So I went back the next day and got the Squirrel.

Technically it still counts as an unplanned bead since I didn’t pay full price, so it isn’t cheating. I just didn’t expect to get the Squirrel quite so quickly (hence the cheating feeling).


  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling weird bead guilt, I had a very similar conversation with a friend this week… I’ve ordered more than intended, which is no big thing… all discounted and I can afford it, but I haven’t been able to shake a weird bead guilt feeling that I’ve been cheating!

    So to read your post was a bit spooky!

    Mars xx

    1. I do find it odd that I have some level of guilt, as I was actually quite good this month! Even better than I thought I’d be since I didn’t really put a limit on my unplanned beads. I was quite tempted to pick up a few others on sale as well, and perhaps if it had been closer to the end of the month I would have, but there are still a few beads that I’d rather have if I can find them, so I wanted to be able to buy them guilt-free should I find them. Alas, they did not materialize, but maybe next month ;)

      I look forward to seeing your new purchases! :)

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