Most of this combination came together months ago and I’ve just been waiting for Halloween to come around so that I could wear it!

Over the Summer I fell in love with the green spiro unique. After resisting for a while, I finally caved and bought it. When it arrived, I immediately put it with my other bright greens and blacks, but the mix wasn’t quite right. The beads sat like that for a few weeks, waiting for me to come back to them, and then I had the idea of adding greys in and that’s when the combination really took off! And I immediately knew that it would be my Halloween bracelet. With the glass sorted, I put the beads aside, certain that pulling together the silvers would be a simple matter.

When I finally started thinking about the bracelet again earlier this month, I realized I didn’t have any Halloween silvers! I was tempted to stock up on some with the recent “buy three, get one free” offer, but I decided to make do with the current silvers that I have instead. The Trollbeads Day 2014 bead and Rolling Troll were the closest thing that I had to Halloween beads, and my zombie-themed bracelet was temporarily dismantled to use some of the silvers off of it.

After I put the bracelet together, I realized that I have a Pandora Ghost bead on my Pandora bracelet. Since I never take that bracelet apart, it completely slipped my mind. But it’s more cutesy than the other beads on this bracelet, so I don’t think it would have matched well anyway.

I really love the mix of bright and dark in this combination so I’m glad that it’s finally seeing the outside of my bead box! And, despite my initial reservations about taking apart my zombie bracelet, I feel better about using the beads I have rather than buying extras right now. Although I will certainly be trying to pick up at least a few before Halloween next year!

Do you have a Halloween bracelet? What sort of things make you think of Halloween?


  1. Ooh I love this one! Great beads and love the splash of green amongst the grey. Grey was such a good choice, it really works. Who made the two at each end of the bracelet? Fabulous beads!!

    Mars xx

    1. Thanks :) I was really surprised (but happy!) when it all started to come together and just started to click. I really do need more silvers though :D I love these greens, so I think they may make another appearance at some point in the future. I’ve already been scoping out another friend for them.

      I’m not sure who made the bead furthest from the lock as I got it in a trade. But the bumpy bead that is closest to the lock is from Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/taneres) She called it “light steel luster sugar”.

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