Go Seahawks Go!

We don’t watch football except for the Super Bowl. Even then, it’s more about the food and friends than the football. Last year, I didn’t know who was playing until a week before the game. I didn’t decide who I was cheering for until the day before. But my team, the Seattle Seahawks, won!

Two weeks ago, we were flipping channels on the TV when we came across the NFC Championship game. With about five minutes to go, Seattle was down (and presumed out). Then an amazing thing happened. They rallied. And they won.

With that, I decided that Seattle was – once again – my team for the Super Bowl.

The bracelet took a little longer to figure out. I usually design most combinations around the glass beads; with this one, the colours were already set. I only have two navy beads, so I grabbed both of them. The green is my brightest one, so it was the next logical choice. Then I started sorting through my greys. All of them looked a little dark until I spotted the shiny glass. I knew it would be perfect.

Next, I went for silvers. Last year I kept my silvers simple since I wasn’t sure what team I was rooting for until closer to the game. This year I wanted to tie them into my chosen team. And that’s where I got stumped. My Sparrow didn’t feel right. Neither Fish Nor Bird didn’t fit in either. I tried a few “good luck” beads like the World Tour Chinese Auspicious and my German Clover, but was still stuck on the bird idea.

And then I remembered my hawk pendant. And with the bird covered, I was free to go with an all-glass bracelet.

Even with only four beads, it took several attempts to arrange them in a way that worked. I was trying to match the look of the Seahawks logo, but with a linear configuration it felt impossible. I tried one navy on each end, but it looked odd. I tried adding another green and silver so I had two of each colour, but I couldn’t match those colours well enough. I tried taking away a navy, but then it just looked bland.

Then I did what always seems to work. I put the beads down and left them for a day. And when I came back, this combination worked. Simple is sometimes better.

Hopefully the Seahawks win again today!


  1. Isn’t it amazing how even the simplest of combos can sometimes be a pain to get right until you’ve slept on it?

    I know nothing about football or logos but do know the pain of trying to create something that is hard to represent in a linear fashion!

    Just went to have a look at the logo, your pendant is a great match and I think you’ve definitely captured it with the bangle combo you went for – am very impressed!!

    Mars xx

    1. Thanks – it wasn’t enough to “help” Seattle win yesterday, but it was kind of fun to put together. Once I got past the frustrating parts ;)

      I do find stepping away for a bit helps me find the right thing to get stubborn combinations to click. Sometimes a combination that didn’t seem to work looks better in new light. Sometimes that time is enough for me to see what’s wrong with the combination so that I can fix it. Or sometimes stepping away just saves my sanity :D

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