Two bangles are better than one

My bangle resolution seemed easy. Get a second bangle. Get two stoppers. Enjoy.

The first step went better than expected. I snagged a bangle at a reduced price in a store closing sale. But the unexpected timing meant I didn’t have stoppers for it, so it sat unused for almost two weeks. No enjoyment there.

Part of the delay was due to my indecision about which stoppers to get. I already had a set of plain no-name stoppers, so I was contemplating getting a textured set. But couldn’t decide which ones. I also wasn’t sure if the texture would limit their use. I didn’t want to be swapping out my stoppers as often as I was swapping out my beads! I finally went with another set of plain stoppers just so the bangle wouldn’t be naked any longer. But, I’ve kept the textured options on my wishlist so I can take another look at some point. I still think it would be nice to be able to change the look sometimes.

I assumed having two bangles would cut down on the bead swapping, but with my quickie combos this year, I still end up switching beads around at least once a week. The lingering grasp of winter has been driving most of my bead fiddling – right now making new bead combinations keeps me distracted from thinking about the cold as much – so I think as spring starts to take hold I’ll make more lasting combinations again.

Despite the number of times I swap the beads, I don’t think I’d shell out for a third bangle. I may change my mind if a really amazing limited edition bead came along that was only available as part of a bangle. But, even then, I would probably hesitate because … I don’t really like the Trollbeads stoppers. More specifically, the price of the Trollbeads stoppers. If Trollbeads came out with decorative stoppers I suppose I might be convinced otherwise. And that could also solve my problem about which decorative stoppers to get!

One of the things I thought I might do once I had two bangles was stack them. The Trollbeads social media accounts have shown a few stacked bangle combinations that really intrigued me, but so far I’ve only worn them singly. I’m not much of a stacker anyway, so I shouldn’t be surprised. But I’ll never say never. ;)

It’s funny that the smallest part of the resolution – the stoppers – kept me from enjoying my resolution. Trust me to take something simple and make it complicated!


  1. That’s such a cute photo! I like the Redbaifrog Hawaiian Floral stoppers. I think they’re a good value and so pretty!

    1. Thanks :) I originally put them together to see if I could make a heart shape, but then realized it looked quite a bit like a smiley face.

      One of the sets I was looking at was the RBF bubble stoppers. I’m intrigued by their texture and I think they’d be fairly multi-purpose. One of the other reasons that I was hesitant is that I can’t seem to decide if I want the stoppers to be part of the design of the bracelet, or just to blend into the background and let the other beads shine.

      I really wonder if Trollbeads is going to put out some textured stoppers at some point though since so many people seem to ask for them! I think there were a few designs submitted in the people’s bead competition last year. I’m sure they’ll be a few more this year as well (maybe I’ll even put in a suggestion ;D) I may even go the route that Enaktra at charmsforatroll did and make my own if I found some interesting textured spacer beads.

      1. I think we’d all love more choice of stoppers, I like the plain and sometimes even use them as spacer beads inbetween as well as obviously needing to use them on the ends… but I would love a much bigger choice!

        I actually prefer mine like Troll do with the black rubber but I’ve seen quite a few newer artisan ones coming out with the white rubber but I’m really not fussed on that as a look.

        Mars xx

        1. p.s. does the white in the stoppers stay white, I’ve always wondered if it would keep clean? I’m still a black rubber fan though ;)

          1. The inside silicone is more clear than white and so far they’ve been fine. But … I’ve had these stoppers for less than a year. I have some plain silicone o-rings without the silver casing and I feel like some of them have started to yellow a bit. It’s faint, but I can definitely see it when I put the less-used ones beside the more-used ones. I’ve had those o-rings for close to three years.

            I always thought I’d be bothered by the black inside of the TB ones! :D I don’t really notice the clear bit inside these. But I wear them fairly close to the beads, so I suspect that even if they were black I probably wouldn’t notice the inside colour much either way.

  2. I love the photo and you won’t regret that 2nd bangle, I wouldn’t be without mine… I keep wondering if I should sell my 3rd as it being a luxury but it’s far too useful now that I have it!

    Mars xx

    1. I think I’d fall into the same boat of just finding it so useful to have the third! I know someone else who also has a third and she uses all three. Or, maybe I’d get a different size if I got a third to expand my options?

      If Ohm did another bangle deal I think I’d be quite tempted to try theirs. I know Victoria at Endangered Trolls found most of her TB fit, and that was my biggest concern – and what ultimately held me back – the last time they had their bangle promo. And I certainly have enough of their beads on my wishlist! Plus, I like the idea of having a full bangle for larger designs that are too big for the TB bangle but that don’t quite fill a chain.

  3. I’m with Mars, I think you take lovely, excellent header pictures! :) Can’t wait to see stacked combos on the bangles. I love the idea of stacking bangles, but haven’t really done that myself. Partially because my bangles are all different. hehe. I think you should get some textured stoppers too.

    Plain ones are of course ultra useful, but textured ones are fun too! You need to get some so you can experiment. I bet you’ll be pleased.

    1. Aww, thanks! I love taking photos and trying new things with my arrangements. :)

      I really should try stacking my bangles. Right now I have distinct combinations on them so I thought they’d feel disjointed if I tried to stack them. Maybe I need to try a combination that spans two bangles :D *filesawayidea*

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