Summer fresh

Trollbeads Jewellery Tree posted quite a few citrusy combos this summer on Instagram. Each one looked so tasty I was just about drooling.

Her combinations are perfect for summer, reminding me of fresh fruits and tropical locations. After seeing a few, I was inspired to try my own hand at making a citrusy combination.

I picked up the Lime and green braid in the last two months; with those and my Trollbeads event bead, I was set for greens (although I’d really love a lime green armadillo!)

I thought that I’d have more options for the reds, but when I took a closer look, most of mine are more in the mid-to-dark range. These two still managed to capture the bright summer vibe that I wanted and match the intensity of the lime greens.

What I really didn’t have many options for (and I knew that I wouldn’t) were yellows and oranges. I managed to squeak by with my Sanur bead, which isn’t as bright as the others, but does have a warmth to it that makes it work. I wasn’t going to use any silvers in the combination, but then added the Pétanque since it reminded me of an orange.

I originally did this combination just for the fun of making it, but I’ve really enjoyed wearing it for the last few days! And now that everyone seems to be counting down to the start of school/end of summer, it’s nice to have something to keep the idea of summer alive for a little while longer.

Are you still holding onto the idea of summer, or embracing autumn?

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