The lucky and the not-so-lucky

When I bought my second bangle in March, I mentioned that I hadn’t been successful stacking them because each bangle usually had a distinct theme and so a stack felt disjointed. But, I made an offhanded comment that maybe I needed to try a combination that spanned two bangles.

I’ve thought of that idea often. And, I’ve finally made it work with my International Talk Like a Pirate Day combination. For those who don’t know, September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I haven’t celebrated it in the past because I had no pirate beads, but always thought that it was a fun idea.

Now I have the beads!

I was lucky to pick up Arrr a few months ago and I’ve been waiting for today to use it. I missed getting it when Ohm released it for Talk Like a Pirate Day in 2013, so when a retailer listed a few Arrr beads in their retired section, I didn’t hesitate. At the same time, I also snatched up the first edition Cranium for my Halloween bracelet. Although I would have been happy with the second (non Ruthenium-plated) version, I took the opportunity to pick up the darker one while I still could since it is now retired. When putting together this combination I stayed with the skull theme and added Skulls, and then added the 2+2 for the pirate’s treasure.

I tried a few different glass colours before settling on the dark navy blues to represent the turbulent ocean, and the blacks as a typical colour associated with pirates.

At first I had these on a chain, but there weren’t really enough beads to properly fill it so I didn’t find it comfortable to wear. And that’s when I thought of using two bangles. I split the combination in two, then realized that with a bit of tweaking each bangle could be its own story as well as contributing to the larger theme. So I ended up with what I have now: the upper bangle is the lucky pirate still riding the choppy seas with his prized treasure, and the lower bangle is the unlucky souls who have gone to Davy Jones’ locker, deep at the bottom of the sea.

I liked the combination on a chain, but I really love it on the two bangles. And, despite my concerns that two bangles might not be comfortable, I wore these two all day yesterday without issue.

What do you think – does it capture the pirate spirit? Do you celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day in any form?


  1. OMG I absolutely love both of these in their own right, together and every which way you could possible wear them!

    Inspired, and yes, it totally captures the two themes!

    Mars xx

    1. Thanks – I’m really so happy with how it turned out in the end! When I was planning it, I figured it would be a short-lived combination for the few days around Talk Like a Pirate day, but now that it’s together I think it might last for a while longer. The bottom one might even morph into a Halloween bangle at some point :D

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