Happy Autobergiving!

Last year around this time I had an Autumn bracelet, an Oktoberfest bracelet, and had planned half of my Halloween bracelet. This year I feel like I’m struggling to even remember what month it is. September flew by in a blur and before I knew it, it was already the first week of October. And I had nothing to show for it*.

About three weeks ago, the temperature started dropping, but we still had a garden full of half-ripe cherry tomatoes. Rather than have them rot on the plants, we picked what we could and put them in a bowl on our kitchen counter to finish ripening. Looking at the jumble of greens with the warmer yellows and reds, I was struck by how they were the perfect representation of autumn. A few days later, I saw a similarly hued bracelet in a forum and that cinched it for me; I knew that would be the colour scheme for this year’s autumn bracelet. I also had a vague idea of what I wanted to do for Oktoberfest, but still hadn’t really sorted through my bead box to see if it was feasible.

Fast forward two weeks, the calendar was suddenly rolling over from September into October, and I hadn’t started assembling my bracelets. I decided to simplify things and create an Autobergiving bracelet – my best chance at getting something done for autumn, Oktoberfest, and Thanksgiving before Halloween crept in there too (although Autoberween has a nice ring to it!)

I didn’t do a Thanksgiving bracelet last year, but thought I’d see if I could squeeze it in this year. Then I remembered why I didn’t make a Thanksgiving bracelet last year: no beads for it! Sugar Sleigh Ride arrived just after Thanksgiving last year; it still remains my only Thanksgiving-ish bead. I originally included Pétanque on this bracelet as a nod to pumpkins and pumpkin pie, but it was a weak association. Then, as I was assembling this bracelet, I spotted my Hannibal bead still in my play tray and figured “why not?!” It works just as well for the preparation and enjoyment of a large Thanksgiving dinner as it does for Hannibal’s more intimate dinner parties. And, it’s nice that a bead that I assumed would be a one-off gets a second chance.


Falling Leaves and Maple Leaf round out the autumn portion of the theme, and Assaulted Pretzel stands in as my nod to Oktoberfest, even though we aren’t able to partake this year.

With this done, I still have three and a half weeks to finish up my Halloween bracelet! I can do it!!

*It’s a bit of a simplification to say that I had nothing to show for September and October. My dragon claimed a new bead for his bracelet, my Blue Desert collection grew by one, and I finally finished my Hannibal bracelet. So, I did things. Just nothing towards my goals for the months!


  1. Great use of colours in this one, I know what you mean when you say the months are flying by, I think I have nothing to show and then I look back at what I have been buying and I find that’s not true to say at all!

    It’s just that I’m saving up for some full bracelet ideas I have so not blogging the individual beads as I’m going along so it *feels* like nothing much is happening!

    Glad your own bead got it’s second outing so soon :)

    Mars xx

    1. Thanks :) At first I wasn’t sure how I could switch up my autumn bracelet from what I did last year, but I think this is even an improvement over last year’s.

      I’m much the same, trying to work towards combinations that aren’t done yet, so I haven’t felt like I had much to show lately even when I have had the time to play with my beads.

      Hope to see your bracelet ideas soon!

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