Ohm Beads Beadmas Giveaway Day 8!

Hello OHMILY! Today’s Beadmas prize includes a Smooth Bangle and eight (8!) beads: Latte, Holly, Bar Brawl, Golf Bag, My Latte, Blackbird Pie, Pretty Teapot, and Lighthouse!

I’ve always been a storyteller. I started this blog as a way to tell the stories of my beads, and I love to hear the stories of other bead collectors. So, since we’re all OHMILY, I’d love to hear your stories!

To have a chance at winning this lovely combination:

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  3. In the comments below:
    • Tell us a story using at least two (2) of the beads in today’s prize and at least one (1) other Ohm bead. For example, “Once there was a T. Rex who lived in a Lighthouse. It was cramped, but he was happy. All he cared about was having enough space to make his favourite treats: Blackbird Pie and Cherry Cheesecake.” You can make it short or long; it’s all up to you, OHMILY.
    • Tell us another story of your choosing. Maybe about a memory that you hold dear; the story behind your most loved (or most hated!) bead; or about how you always wanted to be an astronaut, until you realized that you’re afraid of heights. Again, it’s all up to you, OHMILY.
  4. Log into your My Ohm account and go to OhmBeads.com/beadmas to fill out the survey form.

Good luck and Happy Beadmas OHMILY!

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  1. I was out walking across the moors and a storm was on the horizon, l came across an inn where I thought I could get a latte to warm me up. I ventured inside and all of a sudden a bar brawl started. The innkeeper without hesitation chucked the trouble makers out and there was cocktails all round.

  2. A very beautiful girl sitting in a cafe drinking a latte and waiting for a handsome prince. Prince late. He now had a golf lesson. She impatiently pawing her bracelet with a small-bead Pretty Teapot and two more lovely beads letters-names. Finally, the prince ran. He drank a green tea, and together they went to the lighthouse to admire the views. She was not angry for his lateness because so loved. And he loved it. There, on the beach under the lapping of the waves and in the magical light of the lighthouse, he asked her to marry him. She agreed, and gave him back forever, not only your heart but also in the memory of this day bead Bar Bravl They lived happily ever after, and they still had a lot of memorable beads and happy moments.=)

  3. In a small house on the edge of there was a coffee Cup. She was friends with the kettle, he came to visit her with a delicious cake.
    A Cup of tea and drank coffee latte, looked out the window and admired the beautiful lighthouse that stood on the shore and lit the way for ships.And next to the lighthouse was a green meadow, where I played Golf! Cup and teapot also wanted to learn to play Golf. Maybe someday it’ll work.
    It was a wonderful evening of memories of the past and dreams about the future!

  4. Once upon a time a little FAIRY WINTER lived in the a LIGHTHOUSE. She drink tea and LATTE from the PRETTY TEAPOT and waiting for her prince all day. She is waiting for him for ages, because she had not come down from the tower. Ha ha ha))) Very,very stupid(

  5. One rainy day Echidna Edna stayed at home feeling sad. She felt so lonely. All of a sudden somebody knocked at the door. She opened the door and saw Otter Agness, her best friend. Agness hold a bag. She said that she felt Edna needed a good company in a day like that. They went to the kitchen. Agness opened the bag and there was everything needed to prepare a nice coffee.
    – Here is your Latte, and here is My Latte.
    They stayed at home all day having a great talk, giggling and drinking their coffe.
    Ehidna Edna realized she was not feeling sad anymore. Life is so much fun in a good company with a good cut of latte.

    A short story of my bead-addiction. I always thought those bead-addicted people taking pictures of their bracelets are out of their mind. That was how I thought before I saw a duck bead (I am a big fun of ducks). That is how it all started. Guess what? Most of the pictures in my iPhone are of beads and bracelets (a little less of my son). Feel like being part of Bead Zombie Apocalipsis movie

  6. When our son was two years old we stayed on a lovely Wadden island. The first night he looked out of the window, saw the light of the lighthouse and said: that’s broken! We tried to convince him otherwise, but he wouldn’t hear of it! Every night he would go up the window and look at the lighthouse for ages, fascinated by that light. Since then family and friends started to send him lighthouse postcards, give him lighthouse posters, books, lamps, keychains and more. He now has a a huge lighthouse collection! And we still can’t convince him when his mind is made up!

  7. One fine day, a wizard carrying a wand made of HOLLY entered a LIGHTHOUSE looking for his beloved pet kitten who had been kidnapped by the lighthouse keeper. The keeper who realised that he had offended a powerful wizard offered him a drink of LATTE in the hope of pacifying the wizard. The wizard being the kind person that he was accepted the offer and even conjured up a HOLEY HAM for them to eat :)

  8. Whenever I make the trip to visit my childhood home in Nova Scotia, Canada, I try to take a special trip to the Peggy’s Cove LIGHTHOUSE. It’s an awe-inspiring sight situated on the huge rocks and boulders at the edge of the tiny, colorful fishing village. The fishing boats are brightly painted too and all of the fishermen are hoping to make THE BIG CATCH. It’s always pretty blustery and cold there at Peggy’s Cove with the winds blowing in off the Atlantic Ocean, so after we spend some time admiring the LIGHTHOUSE and taking a lot of pictures, it’s time to put the PRETTY TEAPOT on and serve up a hot cup of herbal tea. But not everyone is a fan of tea, my sister always goes for a LATTE and I’m more of a hot chocolate girl! :-)

  9. This is the season of the year when I feel more confortable, people share happy moments of joy. Ooh what a HOLY season! We always prepare with love the old PRETTY TEAPOT, some cookies and a BLACKBIRD PIE to celebrate that we still remain together, as a friends, a pack, an OHMILY.. we celebrate life togeteher, because Love is the LIGHTHOUSE we always must follow.

    My very first bead was chainsaw dude from OHM Beads in november 2013. It was not my best moment, I had no job and not so much money, but I felt I need to begin something special. A new forbidden pleasure. I have been always adicted to horror films since I saw a Vampires cicle during 2 weeks on my childhood, so my first bead bracelet should be horror. And so I made my first order, after this came christmass and my boy and family bring other beads to the collection and from this time I am OHM Beadholic :D

  10. When I was a young woman, my husband wanted us to take GOLF lessons, I really disliked it, I am having arm issues all my life and this Golf playing thing didnt make it much better. But like every other woman on the court I had a crush on my teacher. So when my husband was playing golf I was enjoying my TEA or COFFEE with the teacher while petting his LABRADOR RETRIEVER. Lucky me ;)

    My very first bead was a Scarab. I couldnt resist it! That was long ago, when I started this bead addiction. I have this thing with scarabs. My favorite place to go is Egypt and every time I go there I will buy at least one Scarab. I have at least 45 scarabs in stone, bone, silver, gold, wood, clay and so on… Yup..not only bead-freak but also Scarab-maniac ;)

  11. After sun goes down, dark night cover all the sea only thing that can lead us to shore is only light from the LIGHTHOUSE. But one night there is another light , a HOLLY light from the sky. So shine like a morning sun. It goes down on my home. Like a witch, it makes MY LATTE cup, table , sofa GOLF BAG etc. Come into live . I shocked and go down on the floor. times gone, I wake up on my farm. My house is gone. Only my buffalo name’s TIDLOM stay in front of me.

    This is my story about OHM bead. First of all I would like to say that I hate somethings hanging on my hand. One day I know that TIDLOM make a bead collection at OHM bead. And I love this character and finally I love OHM bead^^

  12. Once Upon a Time, there was an old, salty, sea worn LIGHTHOUSE Captain, who had a beautiful daughter. He would not allow his beautiful daughter to leave the lighthouse, as he was worried she would be deceived by the towns Evil Baker, who was also a GOLF pro, and seduced women with his impressive back swing. But one day, the beautiful daughter snuck out of the lighthouse, jumped into the dingy, and made her way off the island to the mainland. Once there, she was awestruck by the tall buildings, they busy streets, The GOOGLE EYED MONSTERS cohabitating with the SOCK MONSTERS (which was forbidden on the island) and the sounds of the town. She was so overcome, that she needed to stop and rest. She happened along a coffee shop, sat down, and had a delicious LATTE. While she was enjoying every sip, the Evil Baker, who had been watching her since she entered the shop, approached her. He had never seen a woman so beautiful. He must have her. He brought over a piece of his most famous BLACKBIRD PIE, surely no woman can resist his pie, he thought. Little did he know, she was allergic to blackbird. She took one bite, and died instantly. The End.

  13. On a Shiny Sunday, I’ve an apponintment with my friends to play golf. I bring my new “Golf bag” to show to my friends. Every time before I start the first hold, I have to drink “My Latte” for a lucky game. During we play in a golf course, we see “Tidlom”(Buffalo that stay in Thailand)is walking around there & sing a song.

  14. We had a latte at the lighthouse with blackbird pie when a bar brawl broke out- they took my golf bag and hit me with a pretty teapot …..

  15. 1. She sat down on the floor with her arms wrapped around her knees. It was quiet and still at the top of the darkened lighthouse, and she breathed in the quiet stillness. She rubbed the sore spot at her temple; a storm was approaching. She sipped her latte thoughtfully. It was going to be a long night. Gabriel, the OMG angel dangling from a chain around her neck, felt heavier and heavier. She began to ready herself for the inevitable confrontation.

    2. A couple of years ago, my sister gave me a silver snake chain bracelet. It had some funky beads on it that she and my niece and nephew picked out for me: a guardian angel, a puzzle piece, a bronze planet with cz stones forming a circle around the middle, a couple of spacers, and two stoppers. Maybe another bead which I’m forgetting. I loved it because it was so carefully picked out; I wore it often. Fast forward a couple of years. I was getting my hair done, and my hairdresser happened to see my bracelet. She commented on how interesting the beads were and asked me if I was going to add more. I was completely confused. Having missed the Pandora craze because those beads and bracelet aren’t my style at all, I had no idea what she was talking about. I didn’t even know how to get the beads on or off. What an amazing surprise! I quickly discovered Trollbeads, and then Ohm and Redbalifrog, and artisan beads. I’m having such a good time! Those special beads from my sister will always have pride of place; now I’m adding other meaningful and special ones to the mix.

  16. I went to this famous coffee place that’s in every corner in the US ;) and I decided to try the green tea. Obviously, I wasn’t expecting them to serve it in a nice teapot with a heart on it, but seriously, it wasn’t good at all. So I returned it and got a latte instead. Actually, I enjoyed that one so much that I took a second one to bring home and drink it while eating my cute little gingerbread house and the rock-n-roll gingerbread man that goes with it :)

  17. As the LIGHTHOUSE keeper, Ohm Gnome spent most of his free time drinking LATTE out of his PRETTY TEAPOT. His Ohmily thought him a bit strange for mixing his beverages that way, but OG was his own man. Or, rather, his own gnome.
    On this dark and stormy December evening, as waves crashed against the cliffs, Ohm Gnome was in a reflective mood. As he hung the last of the HOLLY over his fireplace, he reminisced over his youth. His mind harkened back to his university days and time spent in the Alpha Ohmnega Gnomternity. One especially juicy party turned into a huge BAR BRAWL and OG woke up the next morning with a GOLF BAG on his head. “Ah, youth,” he sighed.
    But his carousing days were over. He was a responsible member of the community and held an important job. Yet something was missing. Ohm Gnome felt the pangs of loneliness during the festive season. Rather than dwell on the negative, the tiny lighthouse keeper went to his bookshelves to select some company for the evening. “Let’s see. What shall it be tonight? ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Gnome’? ‘50 Gnomes of Grey’? ‘Game of Gnomes’?”
    Suddenly, OG heard a rapping on his front door. “Who on earth could be out on a night light this?” As he opened the door, a wondrous smell greeted him. Why, it smelled like BLACKBIRD PIE! He hadn’t had blackbird pie since his grammar school days. And bearing the pie was the prettiest gnome woman he’d ever seen.
    As he opened the door, the beautiful gnomette sailed on in. “Hi, OG! I’m here to be your wife!”
    Stunned, OG reached for his latte. “I think we’re gonna need a bigger lighthouse,” he said.

  18. Ok,listen :
    Lived was a cup of coffee ( MY LATTE), she was glad to be filled with delicious coffee with milk foam and the old pot- bellied pot ( PRETY TEAPOT). And she was glad when the old pirate ( AHOY) took it up and went to drink coffee on the top of the LIGHTHOUSE , to serve him temporary shelter. Together they looked into the distance on drifting pirated (PIRATE SHIP) and merchant ships and reminiscing about past adventures …
    И только старый пеликан (PELICAN)-верный спутник пирата, негромко чистил свои перышки, сидя на его плече и засыпал под шум прибоя . Да любопытный молодой осьминог (SURPRISEO OCTOPUS)приплывал поближе ,стараясь рассмотреть , что держит в руках старый морской волк (PIRAT). Ему так хотелось, что бы в воду упал хоть небольшой кусочек шоколада (CHOCOLATE). Но это уже другая история …
    То be continent

  19. I got one of my fave beads, the inner peace bead after I had been meditating a whole year. it represents a move for me in the right direction in my struggles. Every time I see it on my wrist I smile because I remember how far I’ve come!

  20. A day in the life of a SUPER MOM: Enjoy a LATTE in peace before the household wakes up. Kids are now awake….CHOCOLATE for breakfast?? No!! Here, nibble on a GREEN TEA MUFFIN and then brush your teeth and get changed (as mom grabs a COFFEE TO GO, but is secretly wishing for a VACATION COCKTAIL). Hurry, hurry, time for the HAPPY BOYS AND GIRLS to get on the school bus. Better start cleaning because there are some VICIOUS VAPORS coming from that bathroom. Although she can’t cook, she puts in her CHEF HAT and attempts to bake a BLACK BIRD PIE and some LOBSTER for her lovely husband tonight. Eeeeeek! It’s burning! Looks like it will be TAKEOUT instead. Time for the kids to come home already? I guess it’s time for the SOCCER MOM hat. She yells, “where’s MY LATTE?” and they’re off! Nighttime is nearing, so off to the bath (but remember to keep that EVIL RUBBER DUCKY away from the baby!). Ahhhh, the kids are in bed. Time to sit down and find some INNER PEACE with a nice glass of WINE.

    lol, that story in no way reflects my own life….or does it? Anyway, my favorite Ohm bead is my BULLDOG. After my husband and I got married, we decided to start fostering dogs through the American Bulldog Rescue. we fostered one or two, but ended up being foster failures, as we have now owned three of these big, messy, loving dogs over the past ten years.

  21. I think one of the reasons I LOVE charm bracelets is because they tell stories. I am more of a build a bracelet kind of person than a new bracelet everyday kind of person. My first bracelet was pretty basic. It was a mom bracelet with initials for both of my boys and then little boy charms with a heart in the middle. Now I have sport beads to swap out with the seasons to put on it. But I have been thinking maybe I should have a bracelet dedicated to each boy that tells a story about him. There are overlaps with the sports, soccer and hockey, and the love of video games. I ordered on cyber Monday the retired marching band men to get started on this idea, a trumpet for G and a trombone for B. Next up I will need a sock monkey for B and something about running and dancing. For G the around the world charm because of his crazy knowledge of flags from EVERYWHERE and a charm that represents Reach for the Top ( trivia club)? You always have to have a plan when it comes to beads and with that comes the ever growing #beadwishlist

  22. Once upon a time there was an old lady who lived in splendid isolation in an isolated lighthouse. There she enjoyed herself no end with lattes and blackbird pie. Occasionally a friend would visit and she would pour tea from her heirloom teapot and enjoy. It was a magnificent life.
    Once upon a time there was a young girl trapped in a prison that grew gradually worse and more restrictive with every passing year. Eventually, she managed to escape by dissolving the walls with her will alone. She had realized that they weren’t really real in the first place so it was easy to break free once she had that knowledge.

  23. Once Redmond Gore, walkink through garbage, met a beatiful stranger, whose name was Rita Mortis. He fell in love at first sight! What she wrote,because he do not speac. “Exellent!”, Rita said, “i need a new fan”, and put Redmond in handcuffs)))
    My son has a congenital heart defect. So when i saw a bead Sewn heart, i bought it without a doubt. It as a reminder of the ordeal we had beeb through.

  24. A woman woke up one morning made some tea in her pretty tea pot. She poured the tea into her pretty tea cup once she finished her tea she walked out to the beach, up into the lighthouse. From the top of the lighthouse she looked out to the ocean thinking her lost love…remembering how love hurts.

  25. I went out with my friends the other night. There were a bunch of guys there who had too much to drink and they ended up getting into a BAR BRAWL, causing a lot of damage and having to pay a bunch of money. They were being idiots and we decided that GIRLS RULE because we don’t do these sorts of things (normally!). It was a really late night, so I had to have an extra, extra large LATTE the next morning to get through the day. I’m glad I’m a girl! The End.

  26. “What do you think about this house?” She asked.
    “It has really great view.” I said.
    There is a ‘LIGHTHOUSE’ in the end of beach,
    so I can see waves of the sea somtimes in the dark.
    “But little bit cold here.” I looked upon her.
    “That’s ok. Here is a cup of ‘LATTE’ and ‘BLACKBIRD PIE’
    to make you warm and comfortable.”
    “It is very delicious. but I think you changed recipe.’
    “Little bit. ‘SAME SAME, BUT DIFFERENT’.”
    “Ok, it doesn’t matter. Everything you gave to me is perfect.”
    I just lean a ‘PRETTY TEAPOT’ and fill my cup with ‘LATTE’.

  27. Once upon a time there was robot who wanted to be loved by a human. This robot always lived in a LIGHTHOUSE with a young lady who created him, one afternoon he decided to preppare a magic filter in the PRETTY TEAPOT.After few words and some herbs and the the magic came,,, and his skin turned into LATTE color, not metallic as since then. He starts to breathe and a sound from his breast start… His CRYSTAL HEART was turned into warm emotion.

    This is the first time I try to get an OHM Beads in Beadmass… I only have one one bead I received as a present from my daughter.I would like to surprise her showing that I follow the passion what she started.

  28. Ohm gnome lived in a lighthouse. It could get a little lonely at time but ohm gnome didn’t mind. He passes the one baking black bird pies which he would eat with tea or coffee depending on his mood. On stormy nights his favourite thing to do was to take his golf clubs up to the roof of the lighthouse and hit balls out into the massive swells.

  29. An unexpected visitor arrived yesterday. Telling tales of far away lands where 4 and 20 blackbirds being baked in a pie, was typical for dessert. He was held captive like Repunzel. But instead of being trapped in a castle, he was high up in a lighthouse looking only at the sea for miles and miles no matter which window he started out. He looked cold, so I gave him My Latte and tossed aside my golf bag so he could sit on the couch. “Listen!” he implored. “I may be just a Sock Monkey, but it wasn’t me that started that Bar Brawl!” Startled by the tone in his voice, I sat up straight… realizing the sound of my Pretty Teapot was what startled me. There was no visiting Sock Monkey. I had fallen asleep in my chair.

  30. There was a woman who lived on an island in a lighthouse. She drank tea and coffee and ate pie every day. Sometimes, she’d take her golf clubs outside to a spot near the holly tree, and hit golf balls into the ocean. After she’d had enough of that, it was time for more tea and pie.

  31. So..recently a smarty pants friend of mine ordered beads for a few of us hockey Moms who occasionally share a glass of wine together. It occurred to me that friends are always enjoying a glass, or mug or cup of something to celebrate their friendships. Cheers to that!! It may be a latté at the local café, or a cup of brew from a pretty teapot or yes, even a glass of wine after a post hockey game bar brawl! But ultimately, it’s true, when friends get together…sip happens!

  32. On the beach in a quiet cove near the lighthouse is a small cozy cafe.
    One sunny morning in a welcoming open door cafe looked the girl with red hair.
    – Coffee Latte – routinely asked the bartender. (Latte)
    – Oh no! – Said the girl, shaking her bangs – Tea, green tea, get out of the pot-bellied teapot. She gestured to the pretty shabby, but still in good shape patterned tea. (Pretty Teapot)
    She sat at a table near the window, pulled out of the canvas bag a small book and began absentmindedly to touch the pages, looking pensive look at the ocean.
    183rd day she came here, the 183rd time the company to her morning tea was a pot-bellied teapot and a cute kitten (Cute kitty), every time resorted to pull colored tassels on the drawstring of her bag.
    – Sail! – Suddenly there was a loud cry of the old sailor from the top of the lighthouse – I see white sails!
    Bird flew the girl from the cafe and after a moment, already staring intently at the horizon standing on the beach. Finally, her face lit up with a happy smile – she saw the familiar sails!
    From a long voyage back her beloved !!!

  33. Once upon a time there was a dinner that was in a Lighthouse and the main course was a blackbird pie served with a latte. The Lighthouse was decorated with Holly with a Golf theme with the cutest Golf bag decorated as a tree. All of the sudden there was a loud boom – and a bar brawl broke out over a very pretty teapot that was stollen by one of the owners – and the only causality was my latte. Sad… Needless to say, I will not be returning to that Lighthouse.

  34. There once was a woman named Holly. She enjoyed a nice cup of tea in a pretty teapot and an occasional latte. Her favorite drink however, was a glass of cold milk, and always loved egg nog at Christmas.

  35. i wish to visit the OHM BEADS museum, where all the beads were collected , to see the OHM designers photos and videos of beads manufacture and also to know some interesting stories from the life of the company

  36. I went to a local bar one night and ended up in a bar brawl after I ordered a latte! After succesffully winning the brawl, I ordered their specialty drink – Poison Apple.

  37. There once was an ANGEL whose heart was damaged by a CHAINSAW DUDE….she learned then that LOVE HURTS.

  38. My story isn’t a creative story, rather I want to write about what beads mean to me. I started collecting beads I think about 4 years ago. I started with Pandora, added Chamilia and then Ohm. I primarily buy Ohm beads now, but I still by some Pandora and, once in a while, Chamilia. I tend to have a certain theme for a bracelet and I build it around that theme. I also buy beads that I love without a bracelet in mind.

    As much as I love them, I don’t always wear bracelets. When I do, my friends want me to tell them what each bead means to me. They are often amazed at how I can recall details because of the beads. For example, I have a bracelet from our trip to Washington in 2011. Each beads reflects something about that trip, like the clock bead that reminds me how the power went off the morning we were leaving and our alarm didn’t go off; we nearly missed our flight.

    The beads really do give me a chance to tell my stories, to hold onto memories that mean the world to me and to wear my heart, not on my sleeve, but my wrist.

  39. This is the story I have wrote last year to an OHM facebook contest! I have win one of my favourite bead: Sugar Sleigh Ride :)

    On the night of Thanksgiving, our poor turkey Tom was about to be sacrificed for another family dinner….. But …. in that precise moment arrives his two best friends!!!! Nick and Jack: “We came to save you Tom!!! Come with us!!! This year Thanksgiving will be different for you!!!”

    And there were the 3 friends in Jack’s super fast sleigh. Wowwww!!!!

    Arrived at Jack’s home. The 3 buddies go to warm bed, with a large pot of popcorn …..doing what?? Watching a horror movie or it wouldn’t be the Jack o’lantern’s home !!! What a great Thanksgiving night!!

  40. Well, her I was just finishing a round of golf, stored my golf bag at the pro shop, and lo and behold I ran into my favorite fried, deadhead….how exciting! We decided to go into the clbhouse, and a cup of my latte! What a fun day!

  41. Once upon a time someone left a pretty teapot by a lighthouse. It sat for a long time until an Alaska king crab came and made it his home. He loved having blackbird pie and drinking his (my) latte. He lived happily ever after in his new home.

  42. One day MR. GNOME (OG) asked his human if he could go have a beer in a bar. His human was afraid that with his surly attitude he’d get into a BAR BRAWl, so she suggested he go to a Starbucks for a LATTE instead. His human later regretted this suggestion, as OG drank a Venti Triple Shot Latte and was up rustling around until the wee hours of the morning.

  43. During one blustery winter day, Mr Coffee to go decided to sip his cappuccino inside the warmth by the fire. When suddenly, a teary-eyed Miss Latte hastily comes inside nearly falling over her broken shoes that did not provide the let’s go dancing mood. With a kind smile, Mr Coffee to go became the Mr Coffee to stay and saved a pretzel and another cappuccino for Miss Latte as they both sipped their drinks and laughed by the cosy fire.

    My fondest memory of a bead was when I was leaving a job to move into Education. I had built a strong bond with all my key children and on my last day, I was given an Octopus charm from one of my key children. She said ‘its yours Michelle, to remember me’, her name was Oscar, and I will never forget her. :)

  44. The barista had been working nonstop for over 6 hours. The stress was starting to make her a little crazy. “latte, my latte, where are you? So many for others, yet none for me.Not even a coffee to go”, she shouts out. One tear falls from her tired eyes and lands on her OHM bracelet, right onto Mr. Gnome. Magically, he blinks and tells her “My dear, do not fret. Come with me around the world. We will start in Seattle and have all the espresso you can hold with Ohmily.Let’s fly to Maine and visit Nubble lighthouse while we breathe in the fresh salt air.Then to St. Andrews for a round of golf and tea from a pretty teapot and blackbird pie. Google eyed monster will meet us in Yorkshire to visit the Black Sheep and cause a bar brawl-you know you’ve always wanted to be in one. We shall go to Japan to see our good friend Lucky Cat to eat sushi and visit the famous temples, then finally to Thailand to greet Tai-Linn, the spirit of your long departed cat. Come with me, come with..HEY IDIOT! WHERE’S MY DAMN COFFEE?” she awakes from her stupor to find herself with a line of customers, nothing has changed. Putting on her best smile, she gives the customer his coffee, and wishes him a beautiful day.”Yeah, well, at least your coffee is delicious” he says…
    Glancing down, she glimpses the gnome on her bracelet, winking at her…..

  45. I did not wear any jewellery at all for the first 34 years of my life. I had an allergy on almost anything made from metal. Buttons on jeans bothered me, watch, belt buckle, hair pins; I could wear a necklace or a ring marked anti-allergenic for 1-2 hours before I got a rash, you get the point….
    This spring my boyfriend (long-distance) forgot his silver ring in the shower and left to his home country. The ring was very dear to him and I was scared I would lose it until we see each other again. I put it on my finger “under” my own hematite ring. I hoped I would find a secure place for it before I get the rash. Guess what, it never happened :) I realized that sterling silver does not bother me anymore and since then I spent so much on jewellery it is almost scary :D

  46. Поехали!

    I’ll tell you about the difficult choice of a pirate of OHM.
    He was one of those who love liberty windy noise in the ears.his only love was the sea,while…. On impossible land he met a beautiful Angel. Not for long thinking pirate opened his soul to the angel,and,O,miracle,feelings sea wolf were mutual
    They met on LIGHTHOUSE ,when wanted to pirate.And was on impossible place when this wanted an Angel,pouring tea from PRETY TEAPOT.
    Once upon Pirate was a choice to be king of all the seas, or to drink tea from PRETY TEAPOT on LIGHTHOUSE.
    Seeing as suffering love,Angel decided to becomes a death.He climbed on LIGHTHOUSE and jumped into sea.
    History silent about how over the remains of the body of the heavenly warrior bellowed king of all seas

  47. Поехали!

    I’ll tell you about the difficult choice of a pirate of OHM.
    He was one of those who love liberty windy noise in the ears.his only love was the sea,while…. On impossible land he met a beautiful Angel(OMYGOD). Not for long thinking pirate opened his soul to the angel,and,O,miracle,feelings sea wolf were mutual
    They met on LIGHTHOUSE ,when wanted to pirate.And was on impossible place when this wanted an Angel,pouring tea from PRETY TEAPOT.
    Once upon Pirate was a choice to be king of all the seas, or to drink tea from PRETY TEAPOT on LIGHTHOUSE.
    Seeing as suffering love,Angel decided to becomes a death.He climbed on LIGHTHOUSE and jumped into sea.
    History silent about how over the remains of the body of the heavenly warrior bellowed king of all seas

  48. The coffee related beads in the above photo remind me of a true story. One time when I was still in college, I pulled an all-nighter on campus. My husband awoke and was concerned when I wasn’t in the house asleep. So, he drove to campus at 4:30 a.m. and brought me an expensive cup of coffee. I was so exhausted that I was swerving on the road and I went over some railroad tracks too hard. The entire venti latte flew out of my cupholder and onto the passenger floor board. More swerving occurred and it was enough to get me pulled over by a police officer. Apparently, he thought that I had been drinking liquor. I told him that I was up all night doing a project for critique. He was surprised and asked me what my major was. I told him, “sculpture,” which surprised him even more. He let me continue on my way home with just a warning. Thankfully, I was able to take a quick nap before going back to class that day.

  49. My favorite bead is Player 1. I got into this type of bracelets with Pandora. But not the shiny stuff they have now, I like their old pieces, silver without stones. I’m a geek who enjoys games (even if I’m bad at them), sci-fi, anime, manga and so on. So when the geek 1.0 collection came out I felt in love with it. My bf doesn’t know/care much about jewelry but that changed with with Player 1. He got it for me as a gift and it represent much more than a hobby. It mixes the girly with the geeky and it’s just a plain representation of something we both share.

  50. There once was a girl named Holly, who had three little kids of her own. Each morning she put her Pretty Teapot on the stove before breakfast and told them stories of how she loved Chocolate. She taught them Love/Trust and hoped they would grow up with Inner Peace.

  51. There was a little girl who grew up in a very dysfunctional, chaotic home. Her mother was not so much a mother figure, as a large child. So, the little girl learned to fend for herself, as well as help take care of her baby brother and the home in general. The little girl would often worry about the present and the future, always fretting about the health of her loved ones. During her most anxious moments, the little girl would daydream about a *Bluebird Of Happiness*, hoping fervently that the dream bird could be found somewhere over the rainbow.The little girl grew up to have her own precious family, and was very grateful for her loved ones and their mutual security and happiness. During times when the grown-up little girl would worry any fret about her children and husband (old habits are hard to break), she’d concentrate on her beautiful charm bracelets, thinking of them as her own little worlds where only good things happen, and everyone is happy, healthy, and safe. On one of these bracelets was an Ohm *Bluebird Of Happiness* charm, and she’d ponder over her old childhood friend while drinking tea from her *Pretty Teapot*, or maybe while sipping leisurely from her *Latte* while nibbling on a delicious *Blackbird Pie* (minus the bird). This simple activity helped the grown-up little girl to remember and appreciate all the wonderful things in Life that she and her family enjoyed, and to recognize that the Bluebird Of Happiness resides in our own hearts.

  52. My first two Ohm beads were Forest and Fuchsia. I wear Forest at least twice a week, but I think I’ve only worm Fuchsia once or twice. I bought them because I wanted to add more colorful beads to my collection, but I don’t know why I bought the fuchsia bead. I never wear that color or anything close to that color, and I don’t have beads to complement it…Okay, I admit it. I bought it because it looks like raspberry cheesecake.

  53. One warm, cloudy day there was a mommy who was regretting her decision to be a Tough, Strong, Independent and Self-Sufficient woman. She wished she could stay at home to clean house, take care of her sweet daughter and even sweeter husband, bake lots of cookies and pies, drink coffee at a leisurely pace, and pee whenever she wanted. It sounded heavenly to be able to care for her house and family without worrying about having a pesky outside job! THEN, she remembered something. How much she hated housework! Daughter and husband were at school and work all day! Unlimited pies and cookies would make her fat! Coffee and peeing were overrated!
    So she came to her senses, resumed cleaning up the mess from the second sick child of the day, and finished teaching long division to 10-year-olds.

  54. Once upon a time, there was a blackbird. He lived in a pie. He was okay in there, but it was a bit warm and sticky. It was all he knew. Then, one day, a man cut into the pie and had a slice. The blackbird pulled himself free, looked around the beautiful lighthouse, flapped his wings a few times and flew out the window over the beautiful sea. He glanced back at the surprised lighthouse keeper and said…

    “Thanks a latte!”

  55. I was sitting on my deck drinking a LATTE when a little BLACK SHEEP walked up and asked if he could sit down. I, of course, said yes. He asked
    If I had anything other than MY LATTE
    To drink. I told him I had a PRETTY TEAPOT and went inside to get it. By the time I returned the SHEEP had left and u never saw him again

  56. There’s a girl who rides her motorcycle loud and fast. So much that she has last grasp on her necklace

  57. After a bar braul at my favorite spot,
    Labrador found new cafe, Pretty Teapot,
    But they just serve blackbird pies,
    And body slicer-made fries,
    Nothing for me now, thanks, not feeling so hot.

  58. One day sitting by the Lighthouse, eating his Pie and drinking his Latte, Mr Ohm Gnome sat thinking of his Mrs. Oh how he missed her and wished she was with him and he missed his children too. Then the waves came in and washed him away. LOL

  59. It was a dark and stormy night-Kris looked sadly at his golf bag sitting by the door, ready for the tee time that would never happen now that this storm had hit-The lighthouse beacon picked out the prow of a ship valiantly riding the giant waves, heading for the safety of the natural harbor-But, Kris, the lighthouse keeper, thought the shape he saw briefly through the swirling fog was not that of the Alaskan cruise ship that was 10 hours overdue-He could swear he saw billowing white sails snapping in the gale force winds-‘Get your eyes checked’, he muttered to himself as he used the edge of his faded red Hoo Hoo Boys t-shirt to wipe the condensation from the lens of the wire rims he favored-A sudden hole in the wet air showed a skull and cross-bones flying from an impossibly tall mast attached to . . . a pirate ship? Kris felt his legs weaken as he reached for the pretty teapot imprinted with the image of a blackbird pie that had been a gift from his grandmother last Beadmas and poured a latte (grandmother would never know he hated tea)-After another glance, he added a shot of the bourbon he had purchased just before the bar brawl broke out at Holly’s Bar & Grill to be continued

  60. As I was sitting at my kitchen table drinking My Latte and eating a piece of Blackbird Pie, there was a knock at my back door. My friend Tom was there and said, “Hey, come take a ride in my new sugar sleigh!”
    “Sugar sleigh?” I asked. He said, “yes, I just bought it from my friend Nick. He is getting a new sleigh and offered me a deal.” So off I went for a Sugar Sleigh Ride with Tom and Nick. Once riding, Nick took us to pick up his friend Jack. The four of us had a great time! We went Around The World and got to see the Northern Lights, one from my Bucket List! We later stopped and got Take Out and had a round of my favorite drink, a Lemon Drop. Unfortunately, I woke up and realized it was all a Daydream in my Deadhead!! :)

  61. I walked a block with my little White Terrier, my westie, and my yorkiepoo, to our corner coffee shop Sisters’ Sludge to order a Latte and get some doggie treats. After settling into a comfy chair My Latte was served along with a piece of Blackbird Pie. We enjoyed our treats and visited with our neighborhood dog friends. Before we left I decided to have some hot tea before our afternoon walk. My green tea arrived in a Pretty Teapot steaming hot so I drank my tea, the dogs had another round of treats and then we headed out for our walk on Minnehaha Parkway.

  62. My friend Holly and I wanted to get a latte at the Lighthouse Bar, but they were all out. Rather than start a bar brawl over it, we had cherry cheesecake and tea from a pretty teapot instead.

  63. Anyone who has been to Wildwood NJ remembers the Giant Slide that used to be on one of the piers. It was a landmark for many years. One time, my dad and sister were sliding down and they got stuck. The attendants had to come push them down the rest of the way. We still laugh about it.

  64. Early one snowy morning on my way to work I stopped by my favorite neighborhood café. To my surprise, the café had put up decorations overnight. Not only were lights strung up on the windows, but they had also put up HOLLY around every arched doorway with a sprig of mistletoe hanging down the middle. I ordered a LATTE and a BLUEBERRY MUFFIN. After taking a sip of my latte I quickly went on my way.

  65. The Johnson family were busy preparing for Christmas day. HOLLY Johnson was wrapping a PRETTY TEAPOT for her daughter, a PIRATE SHIP for her son, and a GOLF BAG for her husband. Ted Johnson was baking four pies because many people were coming to celebrate. He made a cherry pie, a pumpkin pie, a pecan pie, and a BLACKBIRD PIE. He looked out the kitchen window and saw the LIGHTHOUSE blinking although a fog had just begun to set in. Sally and Sam were putting on their pajamas. They were going to ask their father to put out the COLD MILK and cookies for SANTA before they went to sleep.

  66. Jake and Jenna went to a pub one Friday night in October. Jake was drinking beer and watching a hockey game on the widescreen television. Jenna was drinking a LATTE because she was the designated driver. The game went into overtime. There were some heated arguments and soon a BAR BRAWL broke out. The fight spilled out onto the sidewalk. The police were called and arrested some of the patrons. There were not enough HANDCUFFS to go around so the police used plastic zip ties instead. Those arrested were taken to the station in the POLICE CAR.

  67. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the ladies had the PRETTY TEAPOT and I had MY LATTE just sitting by the LIGHTHOUSE enjoying the peace and quiet. The men all went to hit a round, and bought a round at the bar first. Well a BAR BRAWL broke out when beer was spilled on the GOLF BAG! All I know is we had a great day and I HEART MAINE!

  68. Once there was a PLATYPUS in search of the best LATTE – it needed to be perfect! A friend of his told him he’d heard of a LIGHTHOUSE in a far away land that housed a cafe known for making a pretty fantastic LATTE. PLATYPUS had to check it out! After a very long journey, he finally reached the cafe inside the little LIGHTHOUSE. A very pretty and friendly OTTER greeted him, and happily prepared his order. When it was finished, he was so impressed! It tasted heavenly and the OTTER had even drawn him a lovely heart on top! She sent him with some BLACKBIRD PIE for the road, but he had a feeling he would be back very soon…

  69. I’m going to tell you a story about how the Ohmily has saved my life and brought me joy. I am a liver patient. Meaning, I need a new one! I have non-alcoholic steatosis. So I didn’t even have fun destroying the only liver I have! Ha ha ha. But seriously. I need a new liver, and someday, when mine completely decides to stop working; I will get one. I have more bad days now than good ones. During this entire process there are very dark days, indeed. On one of those dark days, I wanted to give up. I just have zero quality of life anymore and I thought, what’s the point? And then as I was perusing the interwebs… I found it. The Ohmily. SO many different emotions! SO many stories I can tell! It’s as if, I suddenly had so much time left! There were so many options to tell my stories. You see, I had other beads in my life. But they didn’t “tell” the stories I needed to tell. Or grasp the stories I want to hang onto! No, that’s what Ohmily has done. And even though I’m just beginning my collection, I have hope. Hope in my stories created through the Ohmily. And now, I think about the person out there who will someday give me life. Who will lose theirs, so I can go on with mine. That person has changed me so much already. So I will tell my story, and theirs. Through Ohm. I remain.

  70. Caffeine is my shepherd; I shall not doze.
    It maketh me to wake in green pastures:
    It leadeth me beyond the sleeping masses.
    It restoreth my buzz:
    It leadeth me in the paths of consciousness for its name’s sake.
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of addiction,
    I will fear no Equal™:
    For thou art with me; thy cream and thy sugar they comfort me.
    Thou preparest an ohmcoffee before me in the presence of The Ohmbeads BOTMLatte:
    Thou anointest my day with pep; my mug runneth over.
    Surely richness and taste shall follow me all the days of my life:
    And I will dwell in the House of Latte Bead forever.

  71. “Would you like anything to drink? LATTE?” I asked him as we stared at the Starbucks’ menu board. I watched him staring at it as he was trying to make up his mind. Watching was one ofmy favourites thing to do. Its like a dream come true though, to have him here, next to me and we’d actually go out togather.”LATTE would be okay,” he smiled. We sat at our fav spot, drinking our latte’s. He seemed to be enjoying it though, but fir me, MY LATTE was too sweet! And i can’t finish it and it would be waste to throw it away! Noticing my disappoinment, he asked, “Why? Whts wrong?” “Its too sweet….” before i could even explain, he sipped mine a little and thn switched it with his. ” Here, you can have mine,” he smiled “its better,” “T-thnks,” i said,smiling back. He winced a little as he drank it but laughed whn i asked if he is ok.”Dont worry,” he laughed “I’ll manage. You are sweeter thn this…”he winked. My heart skipped a beat! Oh how can i ever stop myself frm loving him?!

  72. Once upon a time, the old man lived in the a LIGHTHOUSE has some sheep. The CURLY SHEEP wonder why The old man always drink a LATTE every morning. So it steal some latte, hide in the PRETTY TEAPOT and drink it every morning like the old man. One week later, the CURLY SHEEP become a BLACK SHEEP.

  73. Holly was stitching up her friend Harry’s face after he had been in a bar brawl over a girl and yes! they both agreed Love Hurts …..

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