“Feline” good about my Super Bowl 50 pick!

Last year, we caught the tail end of the NFC Championship game and, based on Seattle’s spectacular rally in the last few minutes to win the game, I chose them as my Super Bowl team. Sadly, my good luck bracelet and necklace weren’t enough to help Seattle win the Super Bowl two weeks later.

This year, we stumbled upon the second AFC Divisional game and watched Denver take on Pittsburgh, then a week later watched the AFC Championship game and most of the NFC Championship game. Quite a lot of football for people who don’t watch football! It helped that I was sick the day of the Championship games, and didn’t feel like doing anything other than lie on the couch. Although I was so sick that I went to bed early, missed the last half of the NFC game, and had to look up who won the next morning.

In case you don’t follow American football, the Denver Broncos won the AFC game and the Carolina Panthers won the NFC game. Now the two face off in the Super Bowl next Sunday.

I did a Denver bracelet two years ago when they played against Seattle, although I also made a bracelet for the Seahawks because I couldn’t decide between the two. On game day I ended up rooting for Seattle and my Denver bracelet went unworn. Since I never used my Denver bracelet, I considered making them my team this year. Last time I didn’t have many oranges, so my bracelet wasn’t as close of a match to the uniform as I wanted. But, this year I have my lovely orange-y Peach Bubbles, so I felt like I could improve on my previous effort.

Still, there’s something about the Panthers that called out to me. Maybe, since I’ve already seen the Broncos play, I just wanted to root for someone new. I’ve also rooted for the NFC team the last two Super Bowls and I would have been just as happy rooting for the Arizona Cardinals, who the Panthers beat to get their berth in the playoffs, so maybe I just subconsciously like NFC teams better than AFC teams!

The Panthers logo is blue and black, and parts of the blue swirl come pretty close to the Caribbean blue that the Panthers use. The bead on the far right is actually a dark navy, but the subtle pattern matched the black Dark Soul well. And the navy galaxy beads were a nice mix between the galaxies and swirl.

The only thing that I don’t have are any cat beads. I pondered this for a while, and briefly considered the Ohm Crown of Thorns for its claw-like feeling, but I only have one and didn’t think that I could balance it out. Then, I remembered the Pandora Crooked Line spacers and thought that they would sub in nicely to represent the claw marks.

Hopefully my attempt is enough to bring them a bit of luck next Sunday!

Artisans: blue swirls: DutchBeadsNMore on Etsy || night sky: Na0sGlass on Etsy


  1. Really like this one, I do love galaxies and darker beads generally!

    I adore those spacers, I came on to ask specifically about them, but see they are Pandora, still available? They’re gorgeous!

    The superbowl element passes me by… but I love the jewellery you create to go with it!

    Mars xx

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