Something old, something new, something that might make me a bit cuckoo

I thought that I was well on my way to having a list of resolutions for this year. After struggling to come up with resolutions last January, this year I started writing them down as I thought of them throughout the year. I was sure that I had several jotted down, but it turns out there were only three. Still, better than the blank slate that I started with last year!

1. Sort out my bead box. Again.

What goes around comes back around. A year and a half ago I finally got my beads properly onto rods. But, things change. I have more beads. I have more bracelets. I have no more room in the bead inn.

I briefly considered talking to the dealer near me who was closing down to see if they were selling their large Trollbeads case. How awesome would it be to have a giant case for my beads?!? But, the reality of storing such a mammoth beast sobered me up and I realized that I need to come up with a proper plan to bring order back to my bead box.

The biggest checkmarks to satisfy are more rods for beads and more space to store my bangles, leathers, and chains. I also still want it to be somewhat portable, and I’d love to be able to see all of my beads and not have them split into separate trays, but I know that I might have to sacrifice one or the other.

2. Experiment with adding other materials to a bead.

I thought of this in September, but knew that I wouldn’t have a chance to try it for a few months. Presto! Instant 2016 resolution.

Since I’m still having fun making beads, I thought I’d challenge myself a bit more. So far I’ve only made silver beads (although I received some copper clay for Christmas!) so I’d love to try something with a stone. I have read that not all stones can be fired, so it’s still TBD if the stone will be added before firing or will be glued on after. I’m really hoping that I can do something that can be fired, but really don’t want an exploding stone! So I think even the challenge of making sure the piece is done in a way that a stone can be added afterwards would be fun and add a new dimension to my beads.

3. Participate in the A to Z Challenge.

I’m a little afraid to commit to this since it has to be done in April and not just “sometime in the first half of the year,” but I meant to participate last year and didn’t. So, this is the kick in the pants that I need to do it. I’m sure that they’ll be a few days that I curse my decision, but a little stress is good for you, right?

Do you have any official or unofficial bead goals for 2016?


  1. Uber excited to see your resolutions!! Actually way more than my own :)

    I will definitely be cheering you on in April! I haven’t committed yet but I hope to, I keep figuring if I do a little bit each week now it will come together. My best advice is try and write as much as you can in advance, and pick a theme – and don’t forget to keep it super short, as in order to get visitors to you, blog hoppers don’t have time to read long stuff! But I’m confident you will do great :) Sign ups are open from 25th January I think.

    Might be able to help a bit with 2, as it’s something I’m experimenting with also :)

    Exciting goals, well done!
    Mars xx

    1. Thanks! I think you have great resolutions though!

      I took a few days to think of topics for each of the letters for the April challenge, so I have a bit of a start on that at least. I would have only had two goals for the first half otherwise. ;)

      My concern is that my blog is set up so that I need to have a picture for every post. And I’m not quite sure what I’ll do for some of the days :D Perhaps I’ll come up with a generic AtoZ challenge picture that I can use for days that don’t really lend themselves to pictures. But, overall, I think it will be fun!

  2. Did mean to reply to this at the time, the A to Z team release the standard letters for the blog challenge so you could use those if you don’t have a handy pic… the upside of these is that visitors to your blog will instantly recognise that you are taking part if they see this, it’s quite a good marker!

    Still haven’t signed up, umming and arring this year! But will be cheering you on either way :D

    Mars xx

    1. Oh, that might actually be helpful to have standard letters as long as they fit to my image size. Or maybe I can just make my own :)

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