Ambling along

It’s still not “done” but my zombie bracelet has finally taken a lurching step forward.

Near the beginning of last year (seems so long ago!) I picked up the Ohm Dorado bead. It had been on my wishlist for at least a few months, but when I heard that it was retiring I moved it up my list and grabbed it before it was gone. Probably a bit hasty, but once they’re gone they’re gone! And I really wanted it to compliment the Trollbeads Wild Cat on my zombie bracelet. I love the pattern of the Wild Cat, but there aren’t too many beads that match it well. Dorado is lighter than Wild Cat, but I hoped that the patterns would still go well together. When it arrived, I was happy to see that they did.

Still, I wasn’t quite ready to show off my updated zombie bracelet. First I needed Brainiac.

I thought that my husband had ordered it at the beginning of last year, but as gift-giving occasions came and went, it never appeared when I unwrapped the pretty paper! Then, around around the middle of June, Ohm mentioned that there would be a zombie release in Q4 and it just made sense to wait to see what they came up with.

Mike hinted at zombies a few times in the year leading up to the release, but when the Zohmbies release came out it was more than I could have hoped for. Not one, but two zombie heads! Plus a zombie cat, mug o’ brains, and weapons of zombie destruction. The two heads and cat immediately went on my wish list, but things kept me from crossing them off. Not that it really mattered since I didn’t have the Brainiac bead!

I finally gave up on getting Brainiac as a gift and bought it for myself in October, shortly after the zombie beads were released. But, I still didn’t manage to cross any of the zombie beads off of my list in the next few months. When Christmas rolled around, I finally received the Brainiac from my husband, but my brother also mentioned that part of my gift from him was still on its way. I finally received that a few days ago: Lucy Lifeless.


I quickly started rearranged my zombie bracelet to give her a spot. Dorado called out to be it the centre, so I shuffled the glass and stone beads. I ended up removed more than a few, thinking that I might turn the bracelet into a bangle, but ended up with something between a bracelet and bangle. I may revisit my colours for this bracelet, but for now it works.

Although, I still need Chase Skinner to keep Lucy company. ;) In the meantime, my Tupilak Mouth is holding his place. But with my luck, it will be another six months before I manage to cross Chase off of my list!

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