C is for Copper (AtoZ 2016)

Copper. My next adventure.

So far, all of my beads have been fine silver. When I started making beads, the only copper clay that I found needed to be fired in a kiln, so it was out of the question. Around the same time, I also looked into bronze clay, but it needed to be kiln-fired and embedded in carbon, so it was really out of the question!

Then, near the end of last year, I found a brand of copper clay that said it could be fired with a torch. Since a package of copper only runs about $15, I stuck it on my wishlist and was pleasantly surprised when I found a package under the Christmas tree!

I particularly wanted the copper clay after getting the Trollbeads copper bangle and stoppers last September. I find the silver beads look a little too stark on it, so I stick with all-glass combinations. But, having a copper bead or two would give me a few more options and hopefully I’d get a bit more use out of the copper bangle.

I still haven’t tried out the copper clay yet, though. Much like the first time that I made a silver piece, I want my first copper piece to be special. And, even though it was relatively inexpensive, I’m still a bit afraid of ruining it.

But, even though I haven’t made a single copper piece yet, I already know what my next challenge will be: making a mixed-metal silver and copper piece!

What metals do you prefer for jewellery? Do you stick with one kind, or mix and match?


    1. Now titanium clay would be fun! Although expensive. They make gold clay too, but that is too far out of my hobby budget :D

  1. My skin and copper sadly don’t get on, I just get a green mess on my skin and the copper goes really dark -:( I would really like the copper bangle and when you do get around to making yourcopper bead it will look fantastic.

    Luckily my skin doesn’t react quite so badly to bronze or brass, and I do think including those with silver brings warmth to a bracelet or bangle. Gold and is super but too expensive for the bead budget at the moment!

    Just go for it with the copper clay I say!

    1. That is too bad that your skin reacts to the copper :( I was a bit worried about that before I got the Trollbeads bangle, but thankfully mine seems to be ok. The copper does still tarnish fairly quickly when I wear it, but I think that’s more the air than my skin.

      I don’t have any brass, but I like the X jewellery bronze links! And you are absolutely right about the gold!!

    1. I love copper in a garden or lovely copper roofs and how they turn green, but wasn’t sure about using copper for jewellery at first. But, I do like the warmth of the colour so it’s grown on me for beads :)

  2. Ooh I’m SO EXCITED for your C… can’t wait for you to have a play with this! I LOVE copper. I really like how the copper cores look in glass but I don’t think they’re very “commercial” due to the cleaning, however the colour is just lush! I wonder if the copper clay will have the same patina as the metal once it’s done??

    I literally squeaked when I saw you had copper clay :)

    Mars xx
    @TrollbeadBlog from
    Curling Stones for Lego People

    1. I was hoping that I would get a chance to try the copper by now so that C could be me showing my copper creation! But, that didn’t work out. I’m determined to do something (even if it’s small) soon just so that I can try it. Actually I will probably start quite small just in case I don’t get it right the first time. :D It should have the same patina when it is done. Although I guess it will be the shiny copper that my bangle started with and not the duller copper that it is right now :D

        1. It’s true, tomato sauce does make it shine fairly well. Although I wish lemon worked better since it’s a nicer smell :D

    1. Thanks – and thank for stopping by on the A to Z tour :) All this talk of copper makes me want to find some time to try it :D

  3. This is wonderful. I have worn a copper ring a long long time ago but not in recent times. Does it take a long time to craft these beads?
    Stopping via the AtoZ challenge list. Good going!
    @yenforblue from
    Spice of Life!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! :)

      The total time to make them isn’t really that long (or hasn’t been so far). But, it needs to be done in stages, so elapsed time is longer. It usally takes a few days to a week to make the pieces, smooth them out, and then fire and finish them.

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