Q is for Quirky (AtoZ 2016)

Many of my ideas come about as me wanting a bead for a particular project and not being able to find what I was looking for. With the major brands and several smaller artisans making beads, that means that often the beads that I’m looking for are a bit quirky!

My eyeball bead came as a result of wanting something unique for my Halloween bracelet. The major bead brands already do pumpkin, bat, spider, and skeleton beads. All are great (and eventually I want them all!) But, I also wanted something different. While I pondered ideas for my Halloween bracelet, I was also making a zombie bracelet. I started thinking about beads that might do double-duty for the two. I already had Ohm’s Love Hurts for my zombie bracelet, and Ohm has a skeletal hand, Last Grasp, so I tried to think of other body parts that I could do. And then I thought of doing an eyeball bead. Perfect for Halloween. Potential for my zombie bracelet. Win-win! I haven’t used it for my zombie bracelet yet, but I’m still tinkering so there’s always a possibility it will still end up on there.

My Julbock bead isn’t overly quirky if you’re Scandinavian, but it’s probably a little off-beat for a Canadian. Part of the driving force behind it was that I don’t like doing the same holiday bracelet every year so it was fun to do a different variation for my Christmas bracelet.

My Hannibal bead is probably my quirkiest bead so far, although, looking at it, you probably wouldn’t guess that it was based on a cannibalistic killer. Maybe that’s why I like it so much! There’s a set of recipe cards, cutting board and carving knife, cleaver, bottle of wine, and a place setting to take you through Hannibal’s meal preparation. But, it also worked equally well for a Thanksgiving meal.

Zombies, Scandinavian Christmas, and Hannibal. Maybe it isn’t my beads that are quirky, but my bracelet themes!

Would you consider yourself quirky? In what way? Or do you think everyone is quirky in their own way?


    1. :D I tend to fall on the side of believing that there is no “normal” and that everyone is quirky in their own way. But, I think that makes us all interesting :)

  1. So great to see the eyeball and Hannibal bead again and don’t think I’ve seen the middle one before!

    I love quirky, quirky is a great Q letter for today, I really liked the blog post you did for your Hannibal bead – such a great concept and I really like how you got over the design problems.

    Mars xx
    @TrollbeadBlog from
    Curling Stones for Lego People

    1. My Julbock only came into being last Christmas for my Scandinavian Christmas bracelet and hasn’t been out since then. I usually try to have beads that do double-duty, but that one was just a fun one to make :)

      When I sat down and looked at all of the beads that I made, I realized that quirky was about the only way to describe some of them :D

  2. Very cool. Unique Halloween bracelet. Yes, I think everyone is quirky in their own way, even people who may not consider themselves so. I’m quirky in my reading choices, perhaps — a variety of different stories, and the more different the better.
    Nice to have found your blog through A to Z.

    1. Thank you for stopping by from the A to Z challenge!

      I also lean towards thinking that everyone is quirky in their own way. Sometimes you can see it, sometimes you can’t put your finger on it easily. But life would be boring if everyone was the same :)

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