Most people would know the expression TGIF, but in my early twenties it was replaced by FITSDAY.

As part of my university degree, every four months I alternated between school and full-time work placements. It took an extra year to graduate but was a great way to pay for my schooling and to gain practical work experience. My first work placement was with a quasi-governmental agency, full of rules and regulations (as quasi-governmental agencies are, I assume), but also filled with really funny people. One of the people that I worked with referred to Friday as FITSDAY. At first, I assumed that was just his unique way of saying Friday until he challenged the other co-op and me to figure out what FITSDAY stood for. It took us a few days, but we finally figured it out.

Eff it. Tomorrow’s Saturday.

And it stuck. I still use TGIF, but when I’m reeeaaally glad that the week is over, FITSDAY pops into my head!

I picked up Go Nuts in a sale almost two years ago, thinking that it was a nice, simple design that could blend in with many themes. But, the simplicity of it means that it doesn’t jump out at me when I put together themes, so it hasn’t gotten much use. The name is perfect for this theme, though! Loosen Up is a more recent purchase, but equally appropriate for a bracelet about letting loose and enjoying the end of the work week. And, a FITSDAY bracelet wouldn’t be complete without the cheeky little Moon Me ;)

At first, I was stuck for glass beads. In the warmer weather, we often have a beer on our patio after work on Fridays, but I don’t own either of the Ohm beer beads. I thought of using my ambers instead, but it didn’t quite have the tone that I wanted. One Thursday night, my husband and I were talking about plans for the next day and I mentioned that I was looking forward to my chai latte (Friday is one of our chai days*). And it clicked. For a while, I made up a Starbucks bracelet on Mondays (also a chai day) to ease myself into the work week and used the armadillo to represent the chai. So, why not put it on my bracelet to celebrate the end of the work week!

*Five days out of seven, we make chai lattes at home. The Starbucks addiction may have waned, but the chai addiction is still going strong!

Happy TGIFITSDAY everyone!


  1. Great story, and he’s a cheeky bead!!! And a great bangle.

    TGIF has gained currency here as all things North American infiltrate our culture!

    When I started work, Friday was known as POETS day! there was a culture of firms letting staff go earlier on a Friday, so Piss off early tomorrow’s Saturday was born! Pissed is a multi usage word in England it can mean drunk, annoyed, or go away depending on the context of how it’s used.

    1. POETS day – I LOVE it! :D I might just start using that one too; since I work for myself I sometimes take Friday afternoons off! And then it can infiltrate here instead of the other way around!

      Moon Me is a really fun bead. As soon as I saw that he was a gnome, I knew I had to get him. And the cheekiness is an added bonus! I enjoy the occasional cheeky bead, like Rolling Troll or Naughty Dragon (although I don’t own the latter one).

    1. Thanks, it’s a fun little bracelet to wear :) I’m not usually one for acronyms either, I suppose, but those ones really stick in my head. I couldn’t find any other references to FITSDAY, but TGIF was quite common when I was younger. There was an even a TV campaign for the Friday night “family” TV shows that used the phrase.

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