Trollbeads 40th anniversary

When rumors first started rolling out that Trollbeads was doing a starter-type bracelet for their 40th anniversary this year, I was excited. I loved most of the 30th anniversary bracelet, although I started collecting long after it came out, so I own only the Viking Knot. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to buy a full bracelet like the 30th anniversary bracelet, but a starter bracelet definitely fell into my budget. I was hopeful.

When the pictures were finally revealed, I was a bit disappointed. It’s nice, but I didn’t love it. Mostly because I already have the German Clover so I don’t need another clover, although if I had won the bracelet in any of their contests, I would have been happy. To be honest, the first photos also made the clover look a bit like coffee beans and I can’t shake that image now! :D

Still, I wanted to celebrate the day, even if I wasn’t buying the celebration bracelet. I thought about picking a bead that I’ve had on my wishlist for a while as my celebration bead, but when I really thought about it, it didn’t make sense to jump a bead from lower on my list just because it’s Trollbeads’ birthday. So, I decided to create my own anniversary bracelet.

I started with the idea of using a bead from each decade (using the launch date, not retirement date), but when I went through through the Trollbeads museum, some decades had multiple beads that spoke to me while for other decades I felt a bit meh about the beads. So I changed tactics and looked at what I really love about Trollbeads. And it started with what I hated.

The beads that I hated the most when I started were the tupilaks. Hated is perhaps a strong word; I just didn’t understand them. I certainly didn’t understand their appeal. They’re a little weird. But, at some point my feelings about them started to change. Possibly with the small Faces bead, which isn’t a tupilak, but certainly shares similar qualities. It’s quite fun to follow the faces around and see how they meld into each other. And they certainly remind me of the origins of Trollbeads. Of course, I also had to throw in the Trollbeads Day 2014 bead, which also shares more than a few qualities with the tupilaks.

After I picked out my faces and tupilak beads, I started to think about which glass beads to use. That ended up being quite simple: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Blue Desert bead that I didn’t like so they were perfect for the anniversary bracelet.

It’s not flashy, but it represents what I love about Trollbeads.

Happy Anniversary Trollbeads!


    1. Thanks Martha :) It was fun to put together, although I do wish that I could have also participated in an in-store event!

  1. I really like the bangle and necklace!

    I’ve not indulged in the 40th anniversary bracelet, it’s not something that appealed to me, I really liked the first Trollbeads Day bead you’ve got on your necklace but have been less keen on the subsequent releases. I think it’s nice for collectors though to have something more affordable and it seems to be selling :)

    I’ve made my 6 month budget relatively unscathed and I think I’m going to be saving up for one of Endangered Trolls Trolls by Alex next!

    Mars xx

    1. Thanks! The first TBDay release was definitely my favourite, too. I think if I didn’t have the German clover already I might have been more tempted by the anniversary bracelet. But it is good that it is popular and that other people are enjoying it.

      Good for you for hitting your budget goal! I need to work a bit on figuring out my second half-year goals. I thought I had a few, but looked and only have one so far! Those trolls are going to look great! Any idea which one you’ll choose?

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