Ready for Super Bowl LI!

Another year, another chance to randomly pick a team to root for in the Super Bowl!

Actually, it wasn’t as random this year. As I discovered in previous years, I favour NFC teams; when the Atlanta Falcons won the NFC title, I knew that they would be my team, even though I didn’t know who they would be facing yet (it’s the New England Patriots, in case you’re here just for the beads :D). Of course, I still had to wait almost a week until I could confirm which uniform the Falcons would wear for Super Bowl LI and plan my bracelet. They chose their red and white uniform. Luckily, I have quite a few red and white beads!

Before I even knew the uniform, I knew that I’d want to include my X Jewellery Bird Skull. When the uniform was confirmed, I played around a bit with the idea of adding a few red links between the skull and cord, but fell back to the simple combination of the pendant on the cord, with the red links for my wrist.

For the rest of my stack, I started with the Trollbeads Foundabead Pokéball since was the perfect mix of red and white. The Autumn Rays and Red Berry came next since they are the best match for the red in the Foundabead. Then, because it has that subtle texture to it that made me think of fabric, I added Cold Milk. I finished it off with the White Paper Fold to balance the red and white.

But, I was stumped for silvers. The Trollbeads Falcon would have been perfect but I wasn’t going to buy it just for this combination. Then I remembered my daughter’s Letter A. Although I was reluctant to borrow her red and gold chakra bead for my Lunar New Year bracelet, this time I figured that I would ask her since I didn’t have any other alternatives. And she said yes. I think that she was even a bit excited about sharing it with me! :D I grabbed the Lucky Knot for the other side, then a few days later added Lucky Moves as my final good luck charm, although I ended up moving it to its own bracelet to keep the balance. To tie together the bracelets a little more, I added the Forget-Me-Knot to the X links bracelet to match the Lucky Knot on the chain.

I’m not naïve enough to believe that a bracelet (or three) can really help the Atlanta Falcons win the Super Bowl tomorrow, but it sure would be nice if they did win!


  1. Great combo, Tracy! I loved your comment about randomly picking a team. Sometimes if my brother is picking teams for a sports pool at work he’ll ask me which cities have a better symphony orchestra and go from there!

    1. Thanks, Martha. That would be a fun way to pick teams! I think one year I might have picked it based on the mascot: ;D Although my stack didn’t do much good anyway – the Patriots made a late comeback and won again :(

        1. :D Yes, I kept thinking “No, they can’t possibly…” And then they did. I missed part of the halftime show but caught it on YouTube :)

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