The first sign of spring

A few days ago, my co-workers and I were chatting and one mentioned that a neighbour had recently spotted a robin. We were all a bit skeptical – normally, they don’t show up for at least another month – but, then again, we have been having crazy weather all winter with huge temperature swings so it’s possible that one got here early.

Well, I guess that conversation was a bit of foreshadowing; a day later, this little robin bead arrived as a spring surprise from a friend! She also sent along the adorable crochet robin in the background of the picture.

Of course, I immediately thought of my lime green glass beads. I know that I’ve said it before, but I really think that lime is so perfect for cheery spring combos! Although robins aren’t really known for eating seeds, I added my birdfeeder bead since it’s a nice, chunky size to balance out the robin. Next was what robins are known for eating: worms! My first thought was the Neverending bead for its tubular shape, but as I was getting it from my bead box the Coral Bubbles caught my eye and immediately reminded me of the colour of the worms. The two together were perfect.

This combo made me really realize that I am sooo ready for spring to come! Although I (eventually!) transitioned my Christmas bracelet into a bit of a Winter bracelet, it’s certainly a more subdued version than I’ve had in previous years.

Both of the Canadian groundhogs saw their shadows this year, predicting an early spring. With this little combo, I’m adding my voice to that: bring on spring!


  1. What a sweet bird! And I also think lime green is just perfect for spring. What wonderful weather we had this weekend, although it’s obviously not right that we were able to wear t-shirts in February in Canada.

    1. Yes, he was a wonderfully sweet surprise! I’ve worn it pretty much every day this week, so he’s gotten to enjoy this early spring weather! Of course, today is rainy and blah, so I’m tempted to pull out the Moon Me bead instead ;) So weird how much difference a week can make in the temperature!

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