Mad for my mandrake

When I first saw the list of October Ohm releases, I thought for sure that Rotten Heart would top my wishlist. After all, it seemed perfect for my zombies.

While Rotten Heart certainly landed on my list, it was the Mandrake that stole my heart. Perhaps it’s because I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with my kids not too long before. Perhaps it’s because it’s just cute. Either way, it landed very squarely at the top, although I had to wait a few extra days before it shipped because it sold out quickly (evidence that I was not the only one who was swayed by it!).

Rather than making one Halloween bracelet this year, I ended up making a progression of them through the month. From the start, I pictured Mandrake with the TrueBeadz True Potion and Ohm Beads Deadhead and Live Your Fantasy. So while waiting for my little friend to arrive, I started with those, adding in a Trollbeads unique that reminded me of candy corn. A few days later, I added a second bangle with two Trollbeads uniques, the Trollbeads Peach Bubbles, Ohm Beads Dark Soul, and the little Queenberry Ghost Pumpkin. I was slightly tempted to get the Aurora Charms Spooky the Ghost as a friend for my little trick-or-treating ghost, but resisted (it helped that it was also sold out for most of the month!).

Then my Mandrake arrived! It fit right in with True PotionDeadhead, and Live Your Fantasy, but the candy corn unique wasn’t working for me (maybe because I not-so-secretly hate the taste of candy corn?) So, without much ado, I ditched the candy corn and replaced it with the wonderful Wood Sprite. The combination felt complete.

Not to make you think that I abandoned my usual lime greens, they made an appearance partway through the month, along with the Ohm Beads Phobia and my eye bead! I originally bought the black Trollbeads unique because it reminded me of spiderwebs, so I was happy to unite it with Phobia.

Then, near the end of the month, Phobia jumped ship, landing on my Thomas Sabo bracelet with the Karma Skulls and Ohm Beads Skulls. So many skulls. So many lovely skulls.

I realized this year that I actually have quite a few beads that work for Halloween. Of course, I also wear some of these during the rest of the year, but it’s nice that they get a little extra attention for a month ;)


  1. Tracy, I really love your True Potion with the orange beads. For me this fall seemed to go by so quickly. Perhaps I need to slow things down and spend a few more weeks using beads suited to the autumn season!

    1. Thanks, Martha :) It really is such a gorgeous green it can’t help but compliment the deep oranges nicely.

      I also felt like fall went far too quickly. The first part of it felt more like summer, and then it quite turned cold and into early winter. Even the leaves went from green to gone.

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