Giving myself a passing grade

My last two resolutions for 2017 seemed easy: use a wider variety of my beads and restock my silver clay stash.

The good news is that I have clay! But … I can’t really say that my beads got out as much as I would have liked them to. I did pull out and wear more of my beads over the last few months, but the frequency of my bead box treasure-hunting adventures was a bit suspect (I’d show you pictures of the combos that I created, but I realized that I was even worse at taking pictures of my combos this year as I was about creating new ones, so the list would look even more pathetic than it actually was). Still, I think that I achieved my goal of appreciating my beads more, even if it wasn’t as frequently as I had hoped. So, I’ve given myself a conditional pass on this goal, but with a stern warning to myself to do better next time.

You would think that my struggle to use more of my beads would be balanced out by the ease with which I should have been able to complete my other goal to buy more metal clay (1. Go to beading website. 2. Have clay shipped to me.) It seemed like such an easy goal that I put it off until about September. Then couldn’t find it in stock at my usual store. I assumed that it was just a short-term issue, so I waited. And waited. And then realized that no one seemed to have it in stock! By the time that it was restocked again, it was the middle of November and so I waited until Black Friday just in case it went on sale (it didn’t) and then quickly ordered it before it could sell out again! Still, the goal was to buy it before the end of the year, and I did, so that one gets a solid pass.

Usually when I set simple goals for myself, I end up going even further than planned. I kind of hoped that I would with these (particularly with the silver clay goal). But, neither ended up being the easy slam-dunk that I had expected. So, even though I “completed” both of them, I don’t feel truly satisfied by completing them. I think that’s party because they truly didn’t match my goals (i.e. my goal should have been to create a new silver bead, not just buy the clay). But, I’m keeping some of that dissatisfaction in mind as I move forward with firming up my 2018 goals to make sure that they are achievable and what I truly want!

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