When Ohm Beads previewed their latest collaboration with Gus Fink – the Beasties – in mid-August, I was smitten. But, while I usually don’t mind the blind packaging, this time it held me back. I liked all of the Beasties, but I loved Ri-Cri, the little skull-faced dude. And even buying one Beastie was a bit of a stretch at the time, so trying my hand at two or three blind packages in the hopes of getting Ri-Cri in one of them was out of the question. I was certainly torn. Did I like the others enough to order blind? If I didn’t get Ri-Cri, could I trade for him? Should I try and find Ri-Cri on the secondary market (and risk the inflated price)? As always, indecision leads to inaction. I didn’t order anything.

As August rolled into September and I began to think about Halloween – usually one of my two favourite times of year – I still wasn’t decided, but JD, the little one-eyed beastie, and Booey, his three-eyed friend began to grow on me more.

Finally, in mid-September I convinced myself that any of the Beasties would be perfect for Halloween (and there was always the chance to trade for Ri-Cri). That was that! Or so I thought. I had to wait a day for them to come back into stock, two weeks for my package to ship (clearly it wasn’t really “in stock”), then another five weeks for it to arrive.

Which blew way past Halloween.

It was little JD who finally showed up on my doorstep on a blustery November day. When I read his description, I decided he would stay.

An expert at finding things, JD’s mission is to find the most hilarious thing so that he can make billions of people laugh and smile. JD often messes things up and is hard to understand but he doesn’t let his defaults get in his way of doing what he loves. So if you ever lose something, just hold JD & you’ll be sure to find it soon!

He just wants to make people smile. He doesn’t let things get in the way of doing what he loves. And I am constantly misplacing things in my house. I don’t like to say that they are lost (except my watch, it is definitely lost!), but if he can help speed up the process of finding my misplaced things (particularly my keys and phone) then he’s the guy for me!

I popped him on the bracelet that I was already wearing and immediately thought about how well he would go with Ox (they almost have the same ears!) and promptly added him. I wore the pair of them every day through the rest of November.

But, I hadn’t given up on Ri-Cri. When I saw that Ohm Stuff was releasing an unboxed Ri-Cri during their Night Before Beadmas event, I had a twinge of hope. When I saw that he would be released at midnight (3am my time) the hope faded. But, when he was still there at 6am when I woke up, I took it as a sign.

Be(a)stie friends reunited again. With Ox as as honorary Beastie, of course!

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