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I’m not quite sure where I got the idea of doing a twisted rubber link bracelet (likely the X by Trollbeads website) but even before I started thinking of replacing the rubber links with metal links, I knew that I wanted to try it. Once I had decided to go for a completely silver and bronze bracelet, having a plan for the rubber links that I would be replacing on my bracelet also made it a bit easier to justify swapping the rubber ones out! ;)

I used a single bronze link on each end connecting to the lock since the rubber links are thicker and so its a bit harder to double them up into one link. I needed a few extra links to get the right length to properly twist the two strands, but it is quite comfortable and I love the chunkiness of it. On their own I sometimes think that the black links look a bit too chunky (depending on what links they are used with) but this combination kind of embraces that and turns it into a positive. ;)

Although I prefer to wear the twisted bracelet on its own, I’ve paired it with my other X by Trollbeads bracelet and also one of my regular Trollbeads bracelets to give some perspective. I thought I would be able to pair it with my Trollbeads black leather bracelet, but I found the overall look a bit too dark.

I actually ended up with four orphan black links, so perhaps that will be the start of another braclet ;) So much for only having one X by Trollbeads bracelet!

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