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Gotta catch … just one

Not too long ago, I spent a Friday evening trying to get to a Trollbeads Foundabead Pokémon hunt with my oldest daughter. I had been excited about the bead when it came out, but knew that they were rare so figured I wouldn’t be able to get one. So, when I heard about this event, I figured it was worth the drive. After encountering a few obstacles on our way to the Pokémon hunt, we only made it there for the last 15 minutes and came back empty-handed. I was slightly disappointed for myself, but really disappointed for my daughter. She had been talking about going to the event all day – her first Trollbeads event, and a chance to hunt Pokémon in another city! We even made up our own little Poké Ball bracelets to give us some luck in finding the bead.

A day later, I received a message from another collector, who had heard about my failed quest from a mutual friend. She offered me a second Poké Ball bead that she had found.

To say I was touched would be an understatement. This is why I love the collecting community. I’ve never met this woman. I’ve actually never met either of the women in person, but one reached out to the other so that I could have this bead.

Yesterday the bead dropped through my mailbox and I set out to make a combination. Of course, I’d been thinking about the other beads that I would use ever since I found out that I was getting the Poké Ball bead, so it didn’t take me too long! I’d been wearing the bangle combination that I made for the event frequently, so those beads were easy to find, and I quickly rounded up the other beads from the event night.

There are two PokéStops at the entrances to a wooded park not too far from where I live, so I’ve taken to going for a little walk to collect Poké Balls after dropping off my kids. I also use the walk to raise money for a pug rescue group through an app called ResQwalk on my phone. So the first two silvers – the Nordic Tree to represent the woods and the Pug bead for the charity that I walk for – were easy.

I don’t have the Power Runners or Walk beads, but the Sparrow and Mouse represent some of the first Pokémons that I caught on my walks: Spearow and Rattata. To round out the combo, the Berry bead represents the Razz Berries that you can feed the Pokémon before catching them to make them a bit more docile, and the Baby bead represents how I feel when they escape the Poké Balls (particularly accurate when they escape after I’ve used a Razz Berry or Great Ball!)

I took my combo for a little walk this morning to see if it helped catch any Pokémons. I’d say it worked ;)

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    1. Cheryl
      November 29, 2016 | #

      How wonderful of someone you don’t know to share such a treasure with you! Especially after you and your daughter were so looking forward to participating in an event! What a lovely outcome!

      • Tracy
        November 30, 2016 | #

        Yes, I was truly touched that she would send it to me! <3

    2. Lauren Walker-Nazir
      December 6, 2016 | #

      I wish for some holiday magic in whatever form it comes in.

      • Tracy
        December 7, 2016 | #

        That’s a nice wish to have, you will always enjoy what you get <3

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