Ohm Beads Beadmas giveaway Day 6: Trust/Love

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you so much for sharing your wishes with us! The magic ball (aka random.org) picked Susana Gamarra as the winner of this bead! Please contact me at tracy@blackbootslonglegs.com with your mailing address and I’ll pass it along to Ohm.

I’m thrilled to be part of Ohm’s 12 Days of Beadmas celebration again! This time, I’m helping them give away the Trust/Love bead. This giveaway runs Tuesday, December 6, 2016 from Midnight (12:00:00 AM) until 11:59:59 PM EST. The winner will be randomly selected from the entries and the bead will be directly shipped from Ohm.

I put this combo together as a bit of a “when you wish upon a star” theme. When you make a wish, I feel like you are putting your trust into the universe that your wish will come true. To enter this giveaway, leave a comment telling your Ohmily what you wish for this holiday season. Throw your trust into the universe and see what comes back ;)

I also tried it with a few other beads to highlight the Love side of the bead.

Don’t forget to check the Beadmas schedule to see the rest of the Beadmas fun!

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  1. I know that the spirit of the holiday season is often overshadowed by materialism; I too succumb to material desires (oh Love Cage, forever you elude me!). However, my dearest wish this year is that my family and loved ones may find some joy and healing amidst the grief we share in suddenly and so tragically losing a truly awesome and cherished heart of our kindred less than a month ago. And though I know there is no rushing the processes of dealing with this kind of devastation and loss, I wish that we can find some comfort in gathering and sharing and being together during the holidays when absences are felt that much more keenly. And to everyone reading this, I wish that all of your loved ones may be healthy and safe and happy together as we ring in a new and better year. Love and joy to you all!

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss – it’s hard at any time, but at a time when everyone else is celebrating must be extra hard. I hope that you can find that comfort *hugs*.

  2. I would like to walk and drink more tasty coffee) and to embroider) and still that darlings and the family for me people were near))

  3. What I wish fo this Christmas is first of all good health and happiness for my friends and family and also would love it if santa put a Deadhead in my stocking ,perfect for my ‘ nightmare before Christmas ‘ bracelet, very unlikely I know so any ohm beads would be lovely #dreambig

  4. Wishing to trust in Loving oneself to stay healthy and strong for the many years to look forward to!

    1. Ah, yes trust in oneself is often the trickiest, isn’t it! Many wishes for health now and in the future :)

  5. As a mom of two kids I really wish that they did not fall ill so easily. They’ve been doing it monthly since their first days at the nursery! Wishing health to my whole family as this is really something I can do nothing about.

    1. Kids are little germ factories, aren’t they :( Mine also seem to pick up everything, although *knockonwood* they have been a bit better this year. Best wishes for your family’s health. :)

  6. What my wish for the holiday is peace joy and love for my family. To come together and be happy.

  7. More than anything, I wish that my son would stay healthy and that a cure could be found for Type 1 diabetes.

  8. I just hope that my mom’s health doesn’t drastically decline over Christmas break while we are away. And peace and joy for everyone!

  9. I wish that my father’s follow up checkup regarding his lung cancer treatment comes back good today! No return of the cancer would be an amazing gift from the universe. ❤️❤️

    1. Ooh, that would be wonderful! I’m sure that many people will keep you, your brother, and your family in their thoughts today <3

  10. My wish this holiday season is that humans everywhere find grace in their lives so they can see it in others too. That we slow down enough in our pursuits to help others with theirs. That we love each other in ways we want to be loved. That we become the #ohmily we should be

    1. Those would be wonderful if they came true. And they really aren’t out of our reach if we just try! <3

  11. The only thing I wish for all my family and the people that I love is healthyness and that we can stay together for many more years! And I hope the universell can hear me…

  12. My wish list for Santa includes stuff related to coloring, fountain pens, and of course beads. But what I truly wish is for my family to be healthy. There have been too many cancers and bad luck, we cound enjoy a truce ;)

  13. My wish is that all four of my kids will again have a healthy year and find happiness in what they do. I’ve been blessed with four wonderful children and they make me sad, worried, scared,a few more grey hairs, but they make me proud after all they do. I made a wish once,it came true when I had them.

  14. I wish that we all can get along with each other (no fighting and no war) so that we can take care of our Earth together.

  15. Wishing, as we all do, every day of every year, for peace, freedom, goodwill and kindness towards all who suffer in this great big, rich and astonishing world we share.

  16. My wish for the new year is for my family to be healthy and happy! It would also be great to find a good job! Having been laid off early this year and the economy in my province is at an all time low isn’t helping – so I’m just hoping to find a job that I like ☺️

  17. I hope for a wonderful Christmas celebrating with my family, that we can all be together, healthy, and happy :-)

  18. To echo emmalemily’s thoughts, I wish for reconciliation with a once very close family member who has gone astray from us due to unresolved grief and depression. I’ve tried to exhaustion, but I can’t change this person’s mind or behavior, but I can pray for a Christmas miracle that he will accept help and once again want to be a part of our lives, where he is loved so deeply. That’s what I wish for, togetherness, freedom from past hurts, hope for the future and for my family to be close once again.

    1. *hugs* I always like to think that love prevails against all else. I hope that you have your reconcilliation. <3

  19. Les fêtes de fin d’années sont pour moi le meilleur moyen de gâter mes proches. Autant par des cadeaux que par un merveilleux repas. Cette année 2016 a été l’une des pires pour moi, j’ai perdu beaucoup de mes proches et cela a été très dur psychologiquement.
    J’aimerais que pour cette fin d’année, mes proches et tout ceux qui ont été atteint puissent trouvé la paix, faire le deuil et se rappeler seulement des bons moments. Que chacun puisse profiter de la joie dans les yeux de leurs enfants. J’aimerais tellement apaiser leur coeur, et égoïstement le mien aussi.
    J’aimerais que chacun puisse vivre dans la paix dans un monde qui aujourd’hui ne l’est plus, où chacun se méfie de son voisin… si seulement chacun devenait un peu plus humain, le monde se porterait mieux. Je souhaite pour tous de vivre pleinement, et d’être heureux, avec la santé et le bonheur des siens.
    Je vous souhaite de belles fêtes de fin d’année.

  20. This holiday season I wish for time. No necessarily more time as I know that’s not feasible, but more taking time to enjoy things. Time with the people I love, time to bake, time to relax, time to see the Christmas lights!

    1. I know that feeling of feeling as if there is never enough time. Perhaps one day we will be able to bend time so that we can accomplish all that we want to. :)

  21. My wish for my family: me, my husband, sons always loved each other, to be healthy, so had a good job and enough money to our parents were healthy and did not age so fast …

  22. I wish for health and happiness for my family and everyone else. Safety and protection for my kids and all school aged kids And lastly I wish for ohmbeads to make a bracelet that fits trollbeads.

  23. My wish, what would my children are healthy and happy, they receive all invented. I am a mother and it is very important to me. And even a drop of love and care for me. That would be for life, not only to give, but to receive the pleasant moments.

    1. Yes, children are often the recipients of our wishes, aren’t they – but then again, they are often what we wish for, too <3

  24. We wish you a merry Christmas
    We wish you a merry Christmas
    We wish you a merry Christmas
    And a happy New Year.
    Glad tidings we bring
    To you and your kin;
    Glad tidings for Christmas
    And a happy New Year!♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

  25. I dream much much to my little family has increased one more member – little daughter or son. To experience the joy of motherhood. To give birth to a little happiness and joy ❤❤❤

  26. My wish. Is that I would get a liver transplant this season. I’d even skip Christmas to get one! LOL Because, the gift of life is so so precious. That is my wish. <3

  27. To fill each and every heart with compassion even just once, everyone should feel loved. ^_^

  28. Hello! We Donetsk. And they were forced to leave and to leave his home. The greatest desire – that the war was over.
    Health and prosperity!!!

  29. My Christmas wish is for all my loved ones to be healthy and happy. Thi life is so unpredictable… I just want to spend time with all the ones I hold dear in my heart.

  30. My Christmas wish is simple, I wish for my family to make some happy Christmas memories that we can look back on and smile about in the coming years.

  31. After my dad’s passing last month, I am wishing for my mom to find peace and happiness in her new life situation.

  32. This Christmas, my wish is for there to be no time. I want my family, and especially my 3 little boys to not feel rushed into growing up and leaving childhood too quickly. I want there to be no time limit for feeling like their childhood years were there best years for Christmas. I want them to feel the same unchanging love and joy and excitement into their adulthood. I want us to stop and relax and really see each other, love each other. A truly timeless memory.

    1. What do they say – childhood is the only time where the hours drag by while the years fly past? I hope that you get your memories <3

  33. I wish for lots of beautiful beads! Oh, and I hope for a happy holiday with my family and my fur babies.

  34. I wish to recover my leg’s muscles after a surgery and chemotherapy I have walk a little big bad, I know it will be better, but it so slowly to recover… I wish to have my long hair soon and be me again. Material you can buy, but health is what I wish for all my beloved ones <3 (also for you and me ;) )

  35. My wish is to find the job that I love next year, well paid and with nice colleagues at work. Yeah quite difficult, but I keep trying.
    I hope I find it someday.

  36. My wish for this Christmas Season is to have a peaceful hollidays with my husband, see my family happy, good health and who knows,,, maybe some lotery :D

    1. I hope that you get your holiday wish (and if you find a money tree seed, maybe share the wealth ;))

  37. My wish, right now is to win some Christmas contes xD, to get better of my flu, and to be able to start at gym and not quit. I wish very hard to loose some kilos, and to fit on my old trousers. I wish also that this world become a better place fo the animals (I see too much cruelty last times in internet, not nice).

    1. It is no fun being sick – I hope that you start feeling better soon! And I would second that wish for a kinder, gentler world for animals <3

  38. I wish to loose some kilos, to quit smoke and to have some time from my job to make long hollidays :)

  39. I wish that somebody gave me a cat, I would love to have one more member in my family. And I would like to win some money on the lotto!

    1. Cats are wonderful – I hope that you get a chance to give one a home this holiday season <3

  40. My wish is that my son keep growing healthy and strong, and my boyfriend shows me his love always. I wish joy to everybody!

  41. I wish for this Christmas season to be the season of giving…giving of love and time, of hope and goodwill. And, to be a season of forgiving. Presents under the tree are fun and tradition but what so many people want and/or need is a kind word or a few moments of your time. Merry Christmas to all!

    1. If everyone focused on giving and forgiving, we would all go very far, wouldn’t we <3 I hope that those wishes come true.

  42. For this holiday season I wish for the health and happiness of my loved ones and my pets.

  43. What I wish for this Christmas, is for more human kindness. Lately, there has been so much hatred being spread. I wish for children all over the globe to be kept safe and loved and to have a good meal everyday. I wish for all families to be reunited and to be able to share this holiday together.

  44. I wish I will have an happy Chistmas with all my family. Relationship with my husband wasn’t easy during the pas year…Hope things will get better…

    1. I hope that your relationship with your husband improves. It is so difficult when we have issues with those who are close to our hearts <3

  45. I know this sounds so trite and overused but I truly would love to see true peace and serenity not just this season but throughout the year.

    1. I think that is true – we focus so much on the holiday season that we sometimes forget to carry those same feelings through the year!

  46. This holiday season I sm wishing for some of the Death Barrels. They are nest on my list.

  47. This holiday, I’m just wishing for some quiet and nice time with my family. I’d also like my daughter to believe in Santa for this one last time even though a lot of her friends at school are starting to say things about him. Just to see the magic in her eyes one last time.

    1. Oh, that is one of my fears too, that my oldest will stop believing. :( I hope that you get your wishes!

  48. This Christmas, I would like to have both my chidren and all my three grandchildren in my house on Christmas’ eve.

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