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October and November were very “dry” bead months for me. Partly because I had splurged on Thomas Sabo in September, but also because I was holding off to see if there would be any good Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals. And I was not disappointed!

The first brand to snag my money was X Jewellery on the morning of Black Friday. At 70% off, I just couldn’t resist the Bird Skull pendant any longer. I loved this when it came out, but couldn’t justify the price, and resisted a few times when stores were closing. It still felt like a bit of a splurge since I already have my hawk skull, but I went for it.  I had a bit of a dilemma about which length of cord to choose but eventually went with the 40cm length. I’m hoping that it gives me the flexibility of wearing it short and also extending it by using some of my double links. I love that it’s such a chunky piece.

I also threw the Clever Cat and Fat Bird links into my cart since they’ve been on my radar more than once and were also 70% off. As I’ve mentioned before, I love the birds that visit our bird feeder. So does the neighbourhood cat, who often sits underneath it. The expressions on both of these links really make me laugh, particularly with them gazing across at each other :D

And, don’t worry, the cat in our backyard has never caught any of the birds, so he or she is not that clever!

Did you indulge in any Black Friday deals?


  1. I somewhat regret not participating in the X Jewellery sale, not the big necklace pieces but not picking up the links I wanted. I was being uber strict in not buying anything, but I have non-buyer’s remorse now thinking back to how cheap they were in comparison to RRP!

    Mars xx

    1. Now that I have the bird skull, I sort of have my eye on the Visible Path necklace and the Asian cord in a few other colours :D So I was briefly tempted by the X “New Year Offer” that came out this week for 50% off. But not quite tempted enough. I considered picking up another Asian Cord in the Black Friday sale, but since I had no experience with them at the time, I thought it might be a waste to other more if it turned out that I didn’t like them or didn’t like the length that I ordered. Most of the rest of the links in the sale were thankfully ones that I already have!

  2. There were a few on my “list” but as I hadn’t worn my X for a while I felt I couldn’t justify it even with them being so cheap… then I sorted out my bead box and started a few new combos with my X and have major regrets lol… oh well, next time?

    Mars xx

    1. That is the thing: there will always be a next time! At least that is what I tell myself, too. :) I’m always nervous about sales with retired beads/links since you don’t have a sense of how long they will last. But even if they go, new ones always come out and things seem to work out in the end. :)

  3. Being home in bead and sick is no fun, but I am enjoying reading through your posts which I don’t normally have time for. I haven’t bought any X Jewellery, but your photos of your are lovely. I haven’t been tempted by them before, but I love the Bird and Cat and will have to check out that sale next year, 70% would be impossible to resist. The skulls are magnificent pieces of jewellery, too.

    1. Oh no, sick in bed is definitely no fun :( I hope that you start to feel better soon! Although, it does give you time to peruse sites at your leisure :)

      I’m often torn about my X links. I really love how other people can style them, but find I often can’t make it look as good :D So when I find something that works, I don’t tend to switch it around much and I often wear them stacked with the same things. But at least that does quite often help temper my desire for new links! I also really like the rubber links in a double loop so that they are chunky, which means that I need quite a few of each colour. Right now I only have enough black links for a double-loop so my other colours don’t get worn as often as the black one.

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