Ohm No She Didn’t!

I suspect that my wallet is wishing that I hadn’t! I know that it might not look like much, but I don’t think I have ever I have never bought that many beads in one day, even on sale (actually, it only took me about ten minutes to buy them since I knew exactly what I wanted)!

Although X Jewellery was my first purchase on Black Friday, the bulk of my money was reserved for the Ohm Beads sale on Cyber Monday. Leading up to it, I realized that many of the Ohm beads on my list were part of this year’s retirement and, with up to 50% off retired beads, it made sense to get as many as I could (while I still could). Unfortunately, with my verrrry long wish list, even at 50% off I couldn’t buy them all. So, I started prioritizing. At the same time, I started squirreling away any extra cash so that I didn’t have to leave too many behind. I was a woman on a mission!

A week before the sale I got a little extra cash; combined with the money that I had already saved, it meant that I could get almost all of the retired beads on my list! It also means that I should probably go on another bead diet for the next few months!

I did feel quite guilty buying so many beads, but I had plans for all of the beads.

Cobalt Lux and Ruby Lux were meant for a remake of my Christmas ornaments bracelet from last year. But, instead of creating specific Christmas bracelets to wear this month, I ended up creating temporary bracelets where I switched up the beads every few days. So I never recreated my ornaments bracelet. Still, Ruby Lux did feature quite regularly this month, as did Ice Hole. I had initially prioritized Ice Hole lower on my list and almost didn’t get it in the sale, but I’m glad that I decided to go for it. It has a really interesting depth to it that I didn’t really appreciate until I had it.

I had hoped that Cobalt Lux would pair nicely with the blue ornament bead that I received last year and still get some use this Christmas, but the colours don’t match as closely as I hoped they would. But, it has begun to get a bit of use since Christmas as I transition from Christmas colours into winter colours.

I’ve had Ash Hole and Tartan Gore in mind for a particular theme for quite a while, so it was nice to finally cross them off of my list. I don’t want to give too much more away, but you’ll definitely see them early in the new year!

One you might not see again for a while is Live Your Fantasy. I bought it primarily for my Halloween bracelet since I realized that I usually leave seasonal beads too late and then don’t get to use them in combinations (case in point: the little trick-or-treating ghost for this year’s Halloween bracelet that arrived just a few days before Halloween!) However, I do love the bright colour so I’m quite sure that it will make its way into another combination when the weather starts to warm up again (which seems so very far away!).

And Humerus … I know that I had a plan for Humerus, but I have no recollection of what it was now! :D I’m sure that I will find a good use for it, though!

Ok, I’ve fessed up to most of my recent transgressions. What about you? Did you indulge in Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Or were you waiting for the Christmas sales?


  1. I, for the first time ever, didn’t participate… but my defence is rather dodgy in that I spent all my money going to Denmark in October and bought beads… so I’m not sure how er, bead free, that is lol. But in years gone by I would have “borrowed” money from my 2017 budget to purchase so I do feel a little like I can partially polish my halo!

    Great picks, I like all of those!

    Mars xx

    1. I definitely think that is something to be proud of! In the past, I’ve also “borrowed” from the next month’s budget if there was something that I wanted, so I know the feeling. And buying in Denmark would be extra special :)

      Last year I think I bought one bead (maybe two) in the sales, so this definitely felt extravagant. But, all of them had been on my list for quite a while, so while they were splurges, they weren’t impulse buys. And I really wasn’t sure if they would still be around after the sales since the discount was so good!

  2. They are all great beads and the sales on-line are so hard to resist.
    I have a very limited budget for beads but I satisfy my desire to collect without restraint, by taking pleasure in the additions of other people on IG and their blog posts. I only have one Ohm bead, the Ltd Ed from the Great Lakes Bead Bash, and it is a treasure. Humerus is a great bead, it reminds me of a curling rock, and I look forward to,seeing how you use it in the future.

    1. Yes, I often find myself scrolling through pictures of other people’s collections, too – I love to see how other people have used beads! Occasionally it makes me add a bead to my wishlist, but more often I find that I am just able to admire how people have used them without it setting off my shopping demon. I also rarely buy beads right when they come out (the exception being the Ohm Bead of the month) so most beads sit on my wishlist for months (or sometimes years).

      But sales … sales are somtimes hard to resist! :D

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