New year, same resolutions (almost)

I know that I should have been focusing on my 2018 resolutions for the last week, but I couldn’t help but reflect on why it was so hard for me to meet my goal of using more of my beads during the last half of 2017. Partly it was due to the fact that the last half of the year was a bit distracting. But, as I mentioned in my 2017 summary, I wonder if I also didn’t set the “right” goals. So, I decided to take my frustrations from last year (with a small spin) and turn them into wins (hopefully!) for this year by setting goals that match what I really want.

Make one themed combination a month

I used to make more themed bracelets, which were usually full bracelets. Those fell to the wayside when I started wearing my bangles more, which I suspect has something to do with the decrease in wearing as many of my beads. Whether the increase in bangle wearing preceded the decrease in themed bracelets might be a bit of a chicken-and-egg conversation but, either way, bangles do use fewer beads, so there must be something to my theory. Therefore, despite the fact that I’m a bit worried about committing to something with definite time blocks, I’m going to try to create a few more themed bracelets this year.

Between Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter/Spring, I figure that I should have most months covered. And there’s always those fun “holidays” scattered throughout the year to help keep me motivated. I’m sure not all will be full bracelets, but I suspect that at least some will be.

Make a bead

Yeah, yeah. I know that I’ve been here before. But, now that I have clay, it’s the next logical step. I have a few ideas, so there might be a few beads. But there will be at least one. I’ve been thinking about making a bead that I can wear on my Ohm ball necklace, but have no ideas for that (yet) so we’ll see what comes out of this.

Truthfully, I’ve only burned myself once, maybe twice, while making a bead. But, I am a bit out of practice, so that might work against me.

Have you made any resolutions this year? Have you ever repeated a resolution that didn’t quite work out the first time?

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