Some bunny loves Easter (eggs)

I started an Easter bracelet earlier this month, but hadn’t really found the right groove for it yet. Bunny Reaper was a must, and I had already pulled out Ox to serve as his loving, but bumbling, apprentice, but I hadn’t gotten much further than that. When I unwrapped both the Blue Hematite and Red Hematite for my birthday, I knew that it would be the perfect first outing for them.

The first thing was to unite the Blue Hematite and Red Hematite with my existing Yellow Hematite and Green Hematite. I am an absolute sucker for the little foil-covered Easter eggs and these remind me so much of them! Then I added most of my lime greens to serve as the grass that the bunny hides the eggs in.

Meanwhile, I also realized that Bunny Reaper is the only Easter silver that I have! I set out to make my own Easter egg silver. It’s small, but it does the job, I think.

It took me a few tries to get an arrangement that I like. I think of it as Bunny Reaper sending Ox off to another part of the garden so that Bunny Reaper can have all of the eggs for himself, but Ox still coming out ahead by finding his own special egg hidden in the grass.


  1. I think you did a wonderful job of putting together a Easter compilation. Love all the hematites together ??

    1. Thank you, Alex! I was torn between more pastel colours for candy eggs or representing the foil-covered chocolate eggs but my mind was made up when I completed my hematite set :D

      1. I think you made a good decision on the foil- it is different and that’s refreshing. Have any of your hematite beads changes colors over time? Is that mossman or amazon ( i was lucky to snag amazon after it was long retired from a retailer who stopped selling ohm- its a shame I missed mossman) I love green glass for some reason ( red and green glass although purple and gray are my fave colors )

        1. I’ve had two of the hematites for probably close to two years and I haven’t noticed them change colour over that time. Although I guess I’m not wearing them that frequently, so perhaps they will over a longer period of time. I know some of the dyed agates were known to fade over time

          That is Amazon. I do have Mossman, but the colours are basically reversed on it (a medium green with paler stripes). This picture shows them both: I do love the colour of Mossman but actually don’t have that many beads that match it! Which is surprising as I have a fair number of green glass beads. :D

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