Truely beautiful Beadz

My first resolution of 2017 was to finally buy a bead from True Beadz. If you recall, I was having a bit of buyer’s paralysis trying to choose which one I wanted, so I hadn’t bought any at all! I briefly considered avoiding my colour/texture dilemma by buying one of their silvers, but that would have just delayed the issue; although I like their silvers, I really wanted to see how their glass beads would fit into my collection.

I had just about decided on one of the Stormy Heavens beads when the St. Patrick’s Day release was announced. One look at True Potion and I was set. In fact, I liked it so much that I was going to buy it even though I thought that it was faceted! I’m a bit of a sucker for green beads and this one is such a beautiful, rich green. Add in the subtle variation in the shades and there wasn’t a doubt in my mind.

It arrived just in the nick of time on St. Patrick’s Day itself (last Friday) and immediately went on my wrist. And has been there most of the last week.

Up until today I’ve been wearing it in a stack, but on its own bracelet. So, I decided to try it with a few other beads today and I was really pleased with how well it fits in with my other beads.

Which brings me to the question that I had for myself: will I buy more True Beadz? Yes! I was a bit worried about the bigger end caps but I really don’t notice them at all. I was also a bit worried that they might be larger than my other beads, but it seems no bigger than my Ohm beads and they always mix well with the other brands.

Now I’m just back to my colour/texture dilemma!


  1. Beautiful first choice Tracy. I love my True Potions too and especially like how Julia groups her regular glass into color collections of various features (I.e. Taste, touch), making them so versatile. Alexy’s silvers are also amazingly detailed and I have been blown away by their quality. This brand is very addicting.

  2. Lovley colour, I too have a think for green too, in fact I think I’ve probably got more green rods than even purple! Actually maybe not, I’ve just remembered my last stash of dark violet ;)

    It goes really well, I too haven’t got any True Beadz but I do like the brand, I still don’t do the big end caps, but as my interest in new Troll glass wanes I am starting to think I might have to get over myself… as I’m always drawn to less neatly patterned beads and more organic ones and True Beadz and Ohm Beads fit the bill better. Plus I do like a good barrel shape for Ohm.

    Hmmm… all speculation as I don’t have any funds at the moment!

    Enjoy your new bead, looking forward to seeing where you decide to go next with True Beadz.

    Mars xx

    1. LOl – but it’s still fun to speculate, isn’t it! :D

      I have also seen a few True Treasures that would go beautifully with my other beads, so I might have to start paying more attention when Great Lakes has their bead parties. With the True Potion, I liked all of the ones that I saw so I felt confident ordering it blind, but I really love being able to see the bead that I’m going to get sometimes.

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