Zombie castaways

I’ve never been one to play a ton of games on my phone. The ones that I’ve had usually came preinstalled or I downloaded them just for times when I was stuck waiting for an oil change or some other appointment. But, something changed when I got my new phone last summer. Although it’s not that different from my previous phone (minus the cracked screen!), I started downloading and playing games more regularly on it. First it was an updated version of Cut the Rope and a word puzzle. Then it was Pokémon Go.

Now, it’s Zombie Castaways.

I installed this game on a whim. It came up as an ad in my word puzzle game and something about the description of a zombie looking for his lost love caught my eye. But, once I started playing it, it became a bit addictive! Another bracelet idea was born.

First, I clearly needed a zombie in the combination. I considered using my two Ohm zombies to represent Zombie and his lost love, but then realized that this little guy is actually a pretty good match for the little nomadic zombie in the game (it’s the eyes, I think). Plus, I haven’t actually found Zombie’s lost love in the game yet, so it would be a bit premature to put her on the bracelet ;) Next, I had to figure out what else from the game I wanted to represent. To help Zombie find his lost love, you travel to different islands. I know that I’ve used my Born of Fire bead to represent islands before, but it really is so perfect for them, so on it went!

When you arrive at each island, it’s covered in a fog so that you can’t see what’s there. The Ohm Beads Ice Hole was perfect to capture that sense of the obscuring fog. As you go along, you complete tasks on each island, such as clearing trees and rocks on the islands (which clears the fog), repairing or building structures, and searching for specific items. The Trollbeads Dalmation Jasper and Green Shade  and redbalifrog Fern Leaf represent the various stones and vegetation that Zombie must chop down to make his way around the islands.

Although this is an incredible eclectic combination, I really like wearing it. I figured that I’d keep it until I finished the game, but since I know that there’s at least two islands that I haven’t gotten to yet (and who knows how many others that I just don’t know about), I don’t see it coming apart any time soon.

Artisans: Islands: Born of Fire

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