Icy Winter

I got so wrapped up putting together my Christmas bracelets at the end of last year – and then I loved them so much – that I didn’t even think about creating my Winter bracelet until the beginning of this week, despite the fact that we got hit with snow earlier than usual this Winter. But with the generous helping of snow that fell last weekend, and the accompanying “Polar Vortex” that saw temperatures dip all over North America, I figured it was about time to mark the season and so I set about removing the shared beads from my Christmas bracelet and reassembling the Winter bracelet that I had started last January.

It should be noted that I’m not actually a “Winter person”. Or at least I wasn’t until my husband introduced me to snowboarding many years ago, at which point I gleefully watched the weather as the year wore down, waiting for the first snowfall and then apprehensively watched it after that, mourning the last good snowfall. Because although Winter always seems so long, snowboarding season always seems quite short. It isn’t unusual for kids and parents around here to have to plan Halloween costumes around a Winter jacket, and although some brave souls are occasionally sporting shorts for a few days in the middle of March, Spring doesn’t really arrive until the end of April. But snow is a different story. We don’t usually get snow until Christmas or later, and it’s usually turned into an icy mess by the middle of February. Oh, but January was always a fun and busy month once I discovered snowboarding …

But back to the beads … even with the bead jockeying, my Winter bracelet still has a few empty spots but at least it’s full enough that I can wear it comfortably. To be honest, I doubt that I’ll be able to finish it this year as I’ve only added one bead to it since last Winter and I had trouble even building it to the point it’s at right now. The pale blue beads that I want to reflect the crisp blue skies of Winter don’t seem to be plentiful, and although last year I thought the grey beads admirably reflected the slushy side of Winter, this year they just seem dark. So, I will be keeping my eyes open for more pale blues (likely artisans unless a delicious unique comes up) and/or more whites.

And who knows, maybe since Winter came early this year, it’ll stay late as well and I’ll get more time to enjoy this bracelet :)



  1. ::Gasp:: How I love this bracelet of yours. Yes, I know this is summer now, but I just found your lovely blog. Now of course I’ll have to start collecting those colours for an icy bracelet of my own… my wishlist just keeps growing. hehe.

    1. Aw, thanks! :) Sorry about the wish list growing, I certainly know that feeling!

      This is I think the second or third bracelet that I worked on, but I do love it and will definitely recreate it again for next Winter. If I had more whites, I think I’d actually keep it together most of the year but I steal the whites from it for other combinations so it gets taken apart too often. The pale blues are still hard to find (unless you don’t mind using multiples of the same bead!) so half of them are artisans from Etsy.

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