Size does matter

One of the things that surprised me when I first saw some of the Trollbeads silvers in person was their size. Specifically how tiny they were. The stock photos provided are fairly good at showing the details of a bead, but since they show all beads as approximately the same size, they don’t always give me a clear idea of how one bead stacks up to another. I’ve resorted to using Google Images on more than one occasion to try and suss out the size of a bead to compare it with a bead that I already had. Barring that, at least you can generally find a picture with a few glass beads to get an idea of the approximate size.

I received the Faces and Neither Fish nor Bird beads in a trade and although I knew that they were tiny beads, I was still surprised by their size when they arrived. After pondering using them on the end of an existing bracelet, ultimately I decided to embrace their diminutive size and create a bracelet filled with tiny silvers. I was still concerned that they might be overpowered by glass beads so for now I’m using a single glass bead between them (rather than my usual 2-3 between silvers) and they seem to be holding their own.

I suspect that my “tiny silvers” bracelet might be my slowest growing bracelet yet, which is saying something since the two full ones I have right now each took about a year to complete! Partly this is because the glass colour I’m using isn’t as common, but also for the obvious reason that since the silvers are small, it will take more of them to fill it ;)

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