I’m still trying to ignore the grey Winter skies that we’ve fallen under, and while I’ve been wearing my Spring bracelet, I thought I’d pull out some of my ambers and see what else I could do to bring some “sun” back into my days.

I love the variety of ambers that are available, but for one reason or another they’ve always fallen a little lower on my list than other beads so I’ve never managed to get the amber-filled bracelet that I originally strived for. The ambers that I do have tend to be grungy, like the two on my woodland bracelet, or a warm brandy colour, like the one I used on my Dexter-inspired bracelet and the ones on this bracelet. Since the glass from my small silvers bracelet also reminded me of warm sun, I commandeered them as well.

What I don’t love about ambers is how fragile they can be! Right after I took this picture, the bracelet slipped and fell and one of the thin ambers busted. I broke another one a few months ago the same way, and I have a third that cracked during its journey to me. Of course, I haven’t had any issues with my other ambers so perhaps it is a bit of the luck of the draw and the ones that have broken completely have been sparkly ambers so I’m sure that played into their more delicate nature.

Is breaking a sunny amber kind of like breaking a mirror? Does it give us seven years of no sun?

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