Slice of life – a Dexter inspired bracelet

Most people seem to be putting together Valentine’s Day bracelets right now, instead I put together a Dexter inspired bracelet. It’s got red on it at least, right? ;)

Since I anticipated a long bead drought while I waited for my Viking Knot, I thought I would try and challenge myself to create a themed bracelet, and since our two most recent viewing addictions have been House of Cards (but I don’t own the Trollbeads Playing Card bead that I felt would be integral to that theme) and Dexter, Dexter it was. Although we were a bit late to discover Dexter, once we started watching we pretty much binge watched the first six seasons and then impatiently waited for the seventh season to show up on Netflix and quickly consumed that as well. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the show, it centres around Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst with Miami Metro Homicide, who just happens to be a serial killer as well. The twist is that Dexter follows a code, taught to him by his father, where he only kills other serial killers.

The inclusion of red is the obvious nod to both his day and night activities and the black beads were chosen to represent his “dark passenger”, which is what he calls his compulsion to kill. The clear beads represent the plastic wrap that is part of his killing ritual and also the blood slides that he collects as trophies. The unexpected bead for me – and I’m still not sure that it goes, but it doesn’t “not go” – is the amber in the centre, chosen to represent our ginger-haired protagonist himself. The olive greens I added in to represent his killing attire. I really would have loved to have been able to include the Ohm Broken Heart and Dark Soul glass beads but I don’t own them (yet).

While I really love the glass beads, the weak point for me was the silvers, but since I wasn’t allowed to buy any others, I had to work with what I had. The Sacrifice and Drops of Life beads from Ohm Beads would have been great, but I don’t own them, and I’m also not sure I’d be a huge fan of dangles anyway. So I chose the Transformation bead since Dexter does undergo a bit of a transformation from mild-mannered lab geek to precise serial killer and the Lucky Knot to represent how lucky he is not to get caught sometimes! The Symbols bead was chosen since it has the sun for Florida and the Petanque because it looks like it has been sliced and his weapon of choice is a knife (I told you I had to stretch a bit!). I briefly considered adding the screaming Baby bead to represent his victims, but decided against it. I also almost added a small anchor dangle to represent his boat, but as I think I might actually wear this, the dangle aspect didn’t appeal.

Any other Dexter fans out there? What would you use on a Dexter-themed bracelet?


  1. I was late coming to Dexter too. My boyfriend watched it from the start but I only picked it up in 2012 and then promptly binge watched it.

    I was really poorly and needed something I could watch from the sofa. My boyfriend handed me Dexter and for the first 3 or 4 episodes I was really unimpressed and would probably have given up if it wasn’t for the fact I was too ill to be bothered to turn it off. After that.. utterly hooked :D

    Love the bracelet! And love finding uses for charms that were probably never intended ;)


    1. Thanks! I still don’t have too many of the silvers that I would want, but at least I can add a few more glass to the bracelet this time. :)

      I remember hearing about Dexter for years before we finally watched it, and some friends even tried to get us to start but it never appealed. Once we started watching it, I can’t really remember whether I liked it right away or not, but it does usually take me a few episodes to get into most shows. I think it took me at least a season to get into Downton Abbey. And a couple of seasons to get into Breaking Bad :D

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