Happy (early) Mother’s Day!

After celebrating my kids (or at least my beady tributes to them!) a few weeks ago, this weekend I get to be the one being celebrated :)

Last year’s Mother’s Day bracelet was a mini combo that I quickly threw together the morning of, using a few of my “motherly” silvers and two light purple glass beads, but it felt like exactly what it was – rushed and thrown together. This year I decided to devote a bit more time towards it, and I also wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge since I’ve been so focused on my X by Trollbeads bracelets lately that I’ve neglected my other beads a bit.

I’ve been trying to find beads to go with the black and red “cherry tree” unique ever since I got it almost two years ago, but the red has been a difficult match to find. The only matching bead that I’ve found was the artisan black and red bubbles, so I’ve ended up primarily making mini combinations by pairing those two with whites like my White Steel and Cozy. A few weeks ago I received the red and white python unique and was so pleased that the red was a match, but the overall effect of the cherry tree, artisan, and python unique still didn’t resonate with me. So for Mother’s Day I decided to try and balance them all out by expanding the combo and, of course, I had to include two of my favourite maternal beads, Maternity and the Baby bead.

At first I wasn’t too sure that I would be using this as my Mother’s Day bracelet, but it has grown on me and now I’m looking forward to wearing it on Sunday :)

Truthfully, part of my tardiness in putting together a bracelet last year was not knowing if I was going to get a bead for Mother’s Day, so I didn’t want to put anything together until after I had opened my presents. This year I’m pretty sure that my combo won’t change since my husband accompanied me when I went to see my favourite dealer before they closed and I couldn’t help but notice the X by Trollbeads Karma link that made its way home with us ;) So while this combo (likely) won’t change, I will be rocking a stack on Sunday! :D

Will you be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday? Do you have a special bracelet (or bracelets!) picked out?

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